Meal Plan 3/5

Happy bank holiday Monday! Last week was insane, there is just no way to describe that feeling of seeing your creation out in the world, especially when you’re someone who has always created in the digital realm. Seeing people holding my book, hearing their comments and feedback has just been AMAZING. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant. If you’d like to get yourself a copy, I can now say that it’s out everywhere – you can order it from any bookshop or Amazon!

Anyway, food wise, it was a mixed bag last week, we had a few recipes that were just a bit… meh…

  • Monday :: Apricot chicken – really disappointing, very sweet! We just didn’t get on at all.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Fajitas – always a hit!
  • Wednesday :: Thai chicken meatballs – didn’t do, actually did the curry instead!
  • Thursday :: Basil and chicken curry – this was lush, we ate it on Wed and the kids had pasta tonight as we were still celebrating!
  • Friday :: Spaghetti Carbonara – another one that is always a winner!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – my fave ha!
  • Sunday :: Steak rolls – as predicted, Edith was livid about the veg but it was delicious.

So let’s have a look forward to this week:

Monday :: Chunky Veg Pies

These look absolutely wonderful from Eight Forest Lane – I’m loving veg pies lately and they are the one way I can usually guarantee to make the family eat a veggie meal with a SMILE!

Tuesday :: Stuffed pasta shells

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for years but lord help me if I can find the bloody pasta shells! I eventually found them on Amazon or in my local Lidl. Winner! I don’t think Edith will like the spinach stuff but the boys will! This is from Fork Knife Spoon.

Wednesday :: Chicken Chimichangas

Are they going to love this? Yes. Mexican food seems to be a hit with all three of them (unless Edith spots the beans) so I think that is going to be a bonus meal. This is from The Chunky Chef.

Thursday :: Lentil Dahl curry

I suppose if I’m honest I know there will be sighs over this one because it’s just lentils and I might well throw in some chicken to avoid the looks BUT I really love red lentils, I never used to but they are delish and so good for kids too. I almost always do naan with curry as well, so hopefully they will enjoy it as a complete meal! Being one pot makes it even better for me! The recipe is from Busy Baker!

Friday :: Creamy tomato pasta

Oh hello football training day! How are you!? It’s just such a rush and frankly anything I cook is guzzled down by Adam and Toby to fill a spot before they leave the house. This looks ideal, it’s simple and sounds tasty – even Edith will have no complaints. This is from The Cozy Cook.

Saturday :: Takeaway!

Sunday :: Toad in the Hole

Always, ALWAYS a winner, the whole lot of them would eat it until it came out of their ears. I always serve with mash, as well as carrots, broccoli… whatever veg I have in really!

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