Meal Plan 28/06

I can’t believe we’re in the last week of June! Is this how I know I’m old now? The year seems to just speed by? God it’s rubbish – I had so many plans but this year said NOPE.

Look, I’ll level with you, last week was a write off, I don’t think we actually ate one meal on plan – I went to London, there was belly aches and an impromptu pasta making session, so in short, we didn’t bother with the plan! At this point in our lives I’m fairly confident that if it involved veg, Edith wouldn’t like it so I can tell you that off the bat.

Moving on to this week, we are 100% going to do better (even though I forgot to do the Tesco shop and have ended up with a panic shop at 11.30 on Saturday night with 15 minutes before closing.

Monday :: Spag Bol

Yep, today is the mondayest of mondays so I’m keeping it simple – this will also be a based for another dinner. Edith wants to make the spaghetti for the spag bol too which I’m not so sure about but it seems to be our new thing.

Tuesday :: Chimichangas

Edith has decided that EVERY Tuesday should be a taco tuesday, so I think this is the compromise with Toby’s requested chimichanga. I’m sure this is the same recipe I’ve used before – it’s Baked instead of fried which blurs the lines of chimichanga authenticity but does that really matter? Obvs not. The recipe is from Lilluna.

Wednesday :: Chilli Con Carne

I tend to just whack everything in but if you’re looking for an actual recipe, this one from The Hairy Bikers sounds noiiiiice.

Thursday :: Greek salad with chicken

OOhhhhh this looks GOOD! Whether or not it will be a hit, I really can’t say. I won’t even try it with Edith because she will just go on hunger strike, but the boys surprised me by really enjoying the text mex salad I did a few weeks ago, so maybe they will like this too! The recipe is from Foodie Crush.

Friday :: Stuffed peppers

Tobes is going to love these – he’s a fan of a stuffed pepper and hopefully Edith will indulge me with the filling?! This is from Yellow Bliss Road.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Chicken Curry from my book

One of the easiest and yummiest recipes ever – you can grab a copy of Mummin’ It (which was recently recommended by Hello! Mag – EEEKKKK!!!) here.

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