Meal Plan 27/4

I can’t believe it’s the end of April, it kind of feels like I blinked and it’s gone but also like it’s trickled by like the slowest thing in the world. It just never seemed to start. I’m feeling thoroughly fed up as I type this and having “one of those days” so I’m hoping finding some yummy meals will cheer me up.

First things first, lets have a little gander at last week:

  • Monday :: Lime & Coconut chicken curry – It was ok, but it wasn’t rock my world and a couple of the kids really weren’t keen at all.
  • Tuesday :: Honey Mustard sausage bake – another one that we thought was lovely but Edith really hated!
  • Wednesday :: Ropa Vieja – I’ll be honest I wasn’t keen. It was a bit of an odd flavour, and I used stewing steak cubes as that is all I had, so I think I really let it down. It would be really nice with the better cut of meat I think.
  • Thursday :: Carbonara – I mean you can’t really cock this one up can you? That being said I thought it was a bit lack lustre and I wouldn’t be sad to not bother again.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – I can’t tell you how much of a highlight it was to be able to eat a takeaway (aka food I haven’t cooked, aka THE BEST KIND OF FOOD).
  • Saturday :: Fish fingers and peppers – I actually ran out of peppers! What a wally. I ended up doing the rice in the exact same way as the recipe, filling a few peppers and then just serving the rest with rice on the side of the fish fingers.
  • Sunday :: Cottage Pie – Is it ever not a winner?

So a few ups and downs last week, there were just a couple of recipes that missed the mark and we didn’t love them the way we thought that we would!

Monday :: Yogurt chicken

This looks really yummy, it’s a pretty simple recipe and I think everyone will enjoy it! Something that I think will be really love with re-fried potatoes! YUM. Recipe is from What’s in the Pan.

Tuesday :: Chicken Quesadillas

These look great and the kids really do love quesadillas. I thought I might do some wedges with it or something to make it a bit more filling for the adults but I think they will enjoy this! It’s from Cooking Classy, which I’ve always enjoyed recipes from.

Wednesday :: Cheddar & Broccoli pasta (instant pot)

Super simple but very tasty looking! I just thought this would be a good tweak on the usual mac n cheese! Recipe by Adventures of a Nurse.

Thursday :: Tuscan chicken pasta

Another pasta recipe? You betcha! I actually managed to get one of the big ass bags of pasta that we would usual buy and have been sold out for ages, so I thought I would make use of it this week! I am loving the option for slow cooker or pressure cooker grub, so I’m rolling with it. This recipe is from Sweet and Savoury Meals.

Friday :: Fake away

Fish and chips fakeaway! It’s been a while since we’ve had fish and chips, so we’re going to have a go at fish and chips fakeaway. Yum!

Saturday :: Hot dogs and Burgers

We thought it would be fun to celebrate some of the nice weather with a BBQ of sorts… do we have a BBQ? No… but that doesn’t matter, we’re going to cook in the kitchen and eat outside. I love this Hot dog bar from

Sunday :: Peanut butter chicken curry

I actually love peanut curry, especially if it’s given a twist into a satay, but this actually seems much simpler and I trust it because Nicky from Kitchen Sanctuary is one of my absolute faves. 5 mins prep time on a weekend is also a HUGE yes please from me.

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