Meal Plan 27/09

This Monday is turning out to be STRESSFULLLLLLL and busy. Just the odd little thing that is so gah! Car MOT fails, invoices flying in… humph. Anyway, it’s the start of a new week and it really seems chillier this week, don’t you think? Last week was like being pulled left, right and centre constantly, it felt like chasing my tail all day, every day and then the weekend just speeds by!

Let’s have a look how I managed with food…

  • Monday :: Red lentil and Chorizo soup – I didn’t do this I’m afraid, I ended up using the chorizo in a delish pasta dish.
  • Tuesday :: Beef stroganoff – went down a treat and so easy to do!
  • Wednesday :: Slow cooker chicken noodle soup – another one I ballsed up and didn’t do. Like I said, long week.
  • Thursday :: Pork and apple casserole – this went down well, Tobes especially enjoyed it. I wasn’t keen tbh, but I’m not the biggest fan of sage…
  • Friday :: Beans on toast – easy and quick, my fave things.
  • Saturday :: Slow cooker meatballs – they did enjoy this!
  • Sunday :: Chicken & Dumplings – didn’t do this either, we have some friend’s kids over on a Thursday evening and it’s fast turning into my fave evening because they always request my chicken curry from my book and it’s insanely easy to cook, they eat it with such enthusiasm it makes me smile!

On to this week… which is turning out to be even more hectic!

Monday :: “Duck” fragrant curry

I’ve put “duck” because I’m going to switch it for chicken – I can’t cope with the horror show when they discover they ate mr quackers. Also, duck isn’t my fave AND it’s pricey. So chicken it is! This came up on Alexa, it’s by BBC Good Food.

Tuesday :: Brinner

Breakfast… for dinner. Beans, tomatoes, sausage, bacon, eggs… the lot. One of Reuben’s faves.

Wednesday :: Campfire Stew

Taming twins is, and has always been, my OG fave website for foodie goodness. This looks lush, something a bit different – I’m hoping the kids will enjoy it!

Thursday :: Chilli Con Carne

Yummers! I’m hoping that the kids will all enjoy this, it’s simple and perfect for them to take to school the day after.

Friday :: Asian Stuff Peppers

Now THIS sounds like a wonderful variation on one of Toby’s fave meals. He loves stuffed peppers so he will really enjoy this one! The recipe is by The Fed Up Foodie.

Saturday :: Plaintain Lasagne

I have wanted to try this for ages, ever since my podcast with Ola Pelo – the recipe is on her instagram story highlights, but it’s something I’ve heard rave reviews about and never been able to make because plantain are hard to find locally!

Sunday :: Chimichangas

Reuben’s request – using my old faithful recipe from Lilluna.

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