Meal Plan 27/07

I’m just going to to throw it out there, summer holidays in a pandemic are tough. Normally I would have all manner of plans, we would be doing loads of things and now… well, we’re just not really that sure about what to do or where to go and some of the things that the kids have requested aren’t even open! Anyway, on to food… and I have to say last week we had one of the tastiest meals we have had for a long time – it was LUSH.

Last week’s meals:

  • Monday :: Chicken stir fry – I thought this was really yummy. We had it with noodles and I used the ‘sauce’ ingredients as a bit of a marinade.
  • Tuesday :: Penne Arabiatta – you know what, this was nice (Reuben liked it so much he made me save the leftovers for his lunch) but I went to the fridge and the chorizo we had had gone all soft and soggy so I had to bin it. I was gutted!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Country skillet – I did this in a really round about way and added too much cream by mistake but it was so nice that I had “Thanks for dinner, it was really nice” – high praise indeed.
  • Thursday :: Chicken Dopiaza – Ok what to say about this… it was BETTER than ANY Dopiaza I have ever had in a takeaway. I did it in the pressure cooker and shredded the chicken but literally everyone had seconds/thirds. It was so good, another one of those absolute gems I’ve found doing these meal plans that will become a staple.
  • Friday :: Pizza – takeaways are always the best.
  • Saturday :: Cajun pasta – this was really tasty! Everyone tucked in, Edith moaned a bit about the peppers.
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast beef – it was so nice to have something a bit more traditional and the beef was just drool worthy, also have some left over for sandwiches.

So, onwards to this week after those successes!

Monday :: One pan Peruvian green chicken and rice

I just think this looks really yummy, it’s going to be something that I will everyone will enjoy with some really fresh flavours. I think I will leave the avocado off – I’m the only one that likes it and I’m not feeling like eating that much at the moment with a few tummy upsets, so no point in wasting it! The recipe is from Ambitious Kitchen.

Tuesday :: Bruschetta chicken

This looks really tasty and very summery – I mean, of course it will probably rain on this day BUT the effort for summery, tasty dinner will be there. This is from Gimme Some Grilling. I’m going to serve with some crushed roast potatoes or I think, or maybe even some baby potatoes.

Wednesday :: Chicken meatballs in Mango & Coconut sauce.

Every time I do meatballs the kids seem to really enjoy it so I’m going for this one! I know Reuben is a huge mango fan, so this will hopefully go down really well with everyone. This is another recipe from Ambitious Kitchen, it’s a really great blog with loads of tasty things – 100% a new fave.

Thursday :: Fish finger burrito

We adore fajitas and burritos here, but the week feels really chicken-heavy (again! Hey, we like chicken!) so I thought we would do something a little different and go for fish… Adam detests actual fish but loves fish fingers so when I saw this from Buzzfeed, I was convinced it was a winner.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Thai Basil Beef

Yummers! I still have those beautiful cuts of beef that I haven’t used yet, so I’m going marinade them and create this beauty. I love a good beef stir fry when the beef has been softened by marinade, it’s just something a bit different. Recipe is from Chef Savvy.

Sunday :: Lasagne

It’s Adam’s fave and if you follow this blog you will know we do it fairly often and I have my own recipe!

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