Meal plan 25/11

Guys, it was another week of it. Honestly, November has consistently hated me for around 4 years now and I’m just done with her. I am always thrilled to see the back of November because it starts with me thinking “yay, party season, fireworks and funnnnn” and then it’s just MEH.

Anyway, here’s how we did:

  • Monday :: Stir fry beef – I actually did this and most of the fam loved it, for once it was me that had to practice what I preached and just eat it. I wasn’t a fan but then I’m not a beef fan so…
  • Tuesday :: Spag bol – I forgot to put it in the cooker, and as such Adam just didn’t follow my instructions and they all had plain pasta with cheese…
  • Wednesday :: Peanut Stew – this was lush! I really enjoyed it, even if I had to listen to Edith and my mother pretend that veggies had the same effect on them that water has on the witch in Wizard of Oz.
  • Thursday :: Veggie Lasagna – I didn’t do it. I know, I know. I was really looking forward to it too. I just ran out of time!
  • Friday :: Take away – My fave day of the week.
  • Saturday :: Chicken Gnocchi in creamy sauce – Oh gosh I was so excited about this one and I wasn’t here as a last minute opportunity came up for me and Edith to go to Birmingham. DAMN.
  • Sunday :: Whole cauliflower – you best believe I did… not do this, but I did cauliflower cheese so basically it was the same and I achieved.

So that was last week, and this week I’m thinking a little bit more in the box to try and please the masses.

Monday :: Cottage Pie

Yup. Firm fave and frankly I think this week I’m aiming to just be chill and do recipes that I know I can cook easily and everyone will eat. I’m going to sneak a tonne of veggies in this too, all finely chopped up. This recipe from Savoury Tooth looks like a must try!

Tuesday :: We’re out!

We’re going to be out for my work, so the truth is we will probably nip ino Nandos or I will pack them something to eat in the car!

Wednesday :: Puttanesca

I actually have my own Puttanesca recipe that I adapted from a Gousto cooking one, and I have to tell you, I LOVE this dish. This recipe from Mama loves food is super simple, I cut everything up smaller and I miss out the anchovies.

Thursday :: Chicken artichoke & new potato tray bake

Legit one of my fave recipes. I found this years ago and I can’t even remember where, so I have given you this recipe from Good to Know.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Sausage and Mash

What sparks joy more than this classic little bugger eh? I actually Linda McCartney sausages with Toby – I prefer them to the supermarket ones and he frets over pigs… unless the sausages are in a butty or bacon… he’s an odd one.

Sunday :: Fajitas

I’m going sheet pan too because I will be knackered by the end of the week and probably facing down a horde of hungry humans that make the walking dead zombies look placid. So YEAH. This recipe from Cooking classy is beyond simple and I’m here for simple!

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    Yum!! These sound GREAT!

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