Meal Plan 23/03

Oh hey everyone? How are we this week? A little bit stir crazy? Gone absolutely loopy stuck in the house and unable to go anywhere? YAY!

Well, if you are like us and you are trying your best to follow the government guidelines (which may well have changed by the time I finish writing this post, never mind the time you read it) then you will probably be staying mostly indoors and avoiding the shops, events etc.

With that in mind, and with the fact that deliveries are stretched to hell, I thought I would create a meal plan this week that is largely based on your stock cupboard.

First things first though, last week:

  • Monday :: Beef Rendang – I didn’t actually think this rocked my world, but I think that is because I didn’t use enough beef and I was missing lemongrass.
  • Tuesday :: Steak and Mash – Surprisingly the kids actually really enjoyed this!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken & Broccoli rice bake – we ditched it because the kids weren’t here
  • Thursday :: Chicken & Cashew – lush, Edith wasn’t a fan of the nuts.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – I mean.
  • Saturday :: Ravioli – Honestly, I couldn’t find any of the stuff anywhere. It was a nightmare. I ended up finding some in a local deli and the sauce on this was lush.
  • Sunday :: Scalloped potato roll – well. It was some bloody yummy stuff.

So this week – obvs last week I was aiming to carry on as normal but nothing is normal at the moment. With that in mind, as I said, I’m aiming to be a bit store cupboard esque this week!

Monday :: Cowboy pie

Last time we had this everyone (but me) seemed to think it was the dog’s bollocks and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s mainly beans, sausages and potatoes – all things we will most likely have knocking about in the pantry/stockcupboard. This recipe is the one I used a few weeks back from Mrs Rachel Brady.

Tuesday :: Mongolian Chicken (with rice or noodles – whatever you can find)

This actually looks delicious and I’m willing to venture that most of us can get these 5 ingredients fairly easy or we already have them. The recipe is from Dinner then Dessert.

Wednesday :: Chicken tetrazzini

This looks so easy to make and will please the masses I’m sure. If you don’t have chicken I’m sure you could sub other meats or even just have the spaghetti with the sauce. Recipe from The Kitchen Magpie.

Thursday :: Homemade Calzone

This recipe from The Recipe Critic looks amazing – and this is two fold really, if the kids aren’t at school, then I can get them to make the pizza dough and that will kill some time, and with the Tesco order changing fast than a supermodel backstage, I’m thankful that you can pretty much put anything in a calzone so we will be able to play with whatever we get.

Friday :: Takeaway

Assuming it’s still open…

Saturday :: One Pan Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous

I have cous cous in the cupboard! We don’t eat it very often but I think it’s worth getting rid of what we do have to make way in the cupboard for something we all eat more often… like another type of pasta. Who knows. Anyway, this is really bright and colourful, I might chop the veggies a bit finer! Recipe is from Cooking Classy.

Sunday :: Texas style chilli con carne

Chilli con carne is a fave in our house and usually I have enough left over to make lunch quesadillas with. I’ve never tried Texas style before so I’m interested to see if this is as lush as normal – as always, you can make it veggie or with any type of meat. Recipe is from Gear Patrol.

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  1. Avatar March 24, 2020 / 2:50 pm

    These all look yummy! Especially Friday 😉 We are having a takeaway tonight because… bugger it! (I’m assuming a lot of them are still open, we’ll see)

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