Meal Plan 22/03

Hello! It’s officially Spring so that is something to sing about, right? I’ve never thought of myself as someone who gets seasonal depression, and I’m still not sure i do, but I don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel like they struggle to find their happy more in Winter, especially post Christmas. I love Christmas so much it bolsters me and then Jan hits and I’m just not here for it!

Anyway, food wise last week we didn’t do very well, and by we I 100% mean me…

  • Monday :: Breakfast for dinner – they always love this!
  • Tuesday :: Stuffed chicken breast – you know what, when I do chicken like this I NEVER do enough. I would normally use 3 chicken breasts between the 5 of us for a casserole or curry, so when I do this I use the same and it’s not enough. I think the reason I avoid these dishes so much is that I would have to use double the chicken at double the cost. It was, however, very tasty.
  • Wednesday :: Beef stir fry – Also very nice, and I say that as someone who doesn’t usually eat beef!
  • Thursday :: Creamy white wine chicken – this is where the week dissolved! I don’t even remember what I cooked!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – Yay!
  • Saturday :: Fajitas – again, I have no idea what we had!
  • Sunday :: Chicken & Stuffing casserole – two weeks on the trot I’ve failed to do this! I give up.

So looking on to this week and swearing to myself I will a.) stick to it and b.) work out what to do with the ingredients from last week…

Monday :: Five cheese Pasta

I haven’t ordered Ziti, i have a load of Penne and that will do! What is the point in ordering more of one pasta eh? I’ve never been to Olive Garden either but this sounds like something everyone will be happy with! This recipe is from Alyonas Cooking.

Tuesday :: Sausage Gnocchi

This looks like something that the kids will adore, I’m not so sure about me, but I will probably surprise myself! This is by Tornadough Alli!

Wednesday :: Fish & Chips

Adam’s parents have been clearing out their freezer and they very kindly gave us some Young’s battered fish they didn’t need anymore! So that’s what we will have here and everyone will looooove it! I can make some homemade chip shop curry too!

Thursday :: Orange Chicken

I’m not sure whether this will go down well or not to be honest with you. I know the kids aren’t keen on sweet and sour usually, so we will see about this! One of the best things we have tried on the meal planners was an orange chicken meatball so let’s see! This is from Tip Buzz.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Easy Lasagne

We all love lasagne – my fave is veg, Adam is stoically traditional – so I thought I would whack it on the list for this week. This is by Tastes of Lizzy T.

Sunday :: White Chilli Chicken

Convinced we have had this exact recipe before, but if not this one then we have had white chilli chicken a few times and it never *looks* good but holy hell it is SO tasty. This recipe is from House of Nash Eats.

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