Meal Plan 21/11

Oof it’s a bit chilly isn’t it? We are under no illusion that November is coming to an end and it’s about to be full throttle CHRISTTTTMASSSS! I love it, I’ve started posting Christmas content on the blog so hopefully that will be super helpful for those of you looking for some ideas!

Anyway, a round up of last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Pie – honestly, I was less than thrilled with this but everyone else loved it!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken curry – never not a winner.
  • Wednesday :: Three cheese pasta – it was really nice, Edith eventually conceded and ate some – she hated it but polished off a whole bowl… and a half. ha!
  • Thursday :: Calzones – didn’t do this, I just couldn’t get my mitts on dough and was too lazy to make it.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – delish.
  • Saturday :: Satay Curry – possibly even better than my classic. It was FAB!
  • Sunday :: Roast – nah, I didn’t do it did I? Fucksaasskkeee

So let’s progress to this week:

Monday :: Macaroni Cheese

As requested by Adam – not one I expected but I am always willing to oblige something as easy as this! Also, make enough and it goes towards lunch the following day.

Tuesday :: Beef & Broccoli Stir fry

This sounds lush, it’s simple and easy and whilst I have no doubt Edith will protest the noodles, I do have them in the cupboard so I don’t have to add anything to the shop but beef. This is from BellyFul Net.

Wednesday :: Baked Gnocchi with bacon & tomato

Right, not gonna lie – this sounds like the ultimate in winter warmer fare. I think everyone will enjoy it, I know Edith used to love tesco’s cheese stuffed gnocchi, so hopefully this will go down well! From Simply Delicious Food.

Thursday :: Jamaican curry

This sounds delish, and to be honest with you I’m really enjoying curries lately – they are usually gluten free as well which is helpful for our family at the moment as we’re unsure if Adam is in need of gluten free foods and awaiting test results! This is from Chilli Pepper Madness.

Friday :: Chicken tacos

Toby will be over the moon! This recipe is from Little Sunny Kitchen.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Roast

Sod offffffff, one day I will do it, and this will be that day.

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