Meal Plan 21/06

Recovering from the busiest weekend ever, I can honestly say that some good food is required this week. As an FYI last week I attended a digital pasta making session with DisneyPlus to celebrate Pixar Luca (omg watch it, it’s awesome) and honestly it was just amazing! I’m incredibly tempted to buy a pasta machine (knowing full well I will never use it, of course) because i really don’t want to eat any other kind of pasta now than the freshly made beauty I did then! Obvs, I’ve made the kid’s dried pasta repeatedly since this experience and it’s never going to happen but the Italian in me is bursting forth to do her thang.

So, to review last week:

  • Monday :: Caprese Chicken – I thought this was lovely but the kid’s weren’t really feeling it! Toby liked the cheese but not the tomato and Reuben was the opposite!
  • Tuesday :: Grilled Chicken foil parcels – I didn’t do this one, we went to my in laws for a birthday surprise and the kids were beside themselves needing dinner, so we grabbed fish and chips for them!
  • Wednesday :: Tex Mex chicken salad – I wasn’t that keen, but I’m not a big salad lover. The boys enjoyed it and Edith had partook in a nil-by-mouth protest.
  • Thursday :: Thai Peanut Salad – all the kids hated it and I LOVED it. This is my kind of salad! I didn’t even try Edith to be honest, I just cooked her some pasta.
  • Friday :: Beef noodles – I actually got pizzas for everyone because I forgot England vs Scotland was on on account of the fact that I don’t care, but they loved it.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – we went out for a meal and to the cinema!
  • Sunday :: Teriyaki Chicken Casserole – went down much better with the kids than the salads!

How about this week then? Well it’s meant to be a bit cooler and judging by the success of the salads last week

Monday :: Red Curry with ginger turkey meatballs

This sounds like something that will be nice and refreshing without being too heavy. I will do it with rice! The recipe is from Plays Well with Butter.

Tuesday :: Pad Thai

Thai is delicious in summer because it’s refreshing and light with full flavour! This is from Savoury Bites and I will probably omit the prawns in favour of chicken.

Wednesday :: Pasta Alla Norma

Now. This. Well. YUMMERRRRSSSS. This looks so bloody yummy from Chef de Home – just very fresh and tasty.

Thursday :: Spanish Chicken, Chorizo & Chickpea stew

The word “stew” in this heat seems like it might not go but this sounds really fresh and yummy. I’m planning to serve it with rice, hopefully it will be as delicious as it sounds and the kids will enjoy it! The recipe is from Super Golden Bakes.

Friday :: Quesadilla

I popped a quesadilla on the meal planner a couple of weeks ago but we never ended up doing it because we were busy bees, so I’m going to add it back here now.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Oyakondon

Another curry-ish rice dish but I know the kids will love it and this one is something a little different! Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl here and I think it will be yummers! Recipe from Closet Cooking.

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