Meal Plan 20/4

Hey! Well last week was LONG. We decided to get back to the whole homeschooling shebang because frankly, the thought of trying to get them (and me) back into some kind of routine after a few weeks off sounded dire. To be totally honest with you, it was harder than I thought it would be, especially with Toby who has just had enough of lockdown.

I’m actually finding the meal planner a great way of keeping myself on track with dinners, especially after my brain is so fried. I won’t be able to get tesco orders any more (I just can’t get them!) so this will be the first week where I’m going to have to go to the shop and might well find myself struggling to get the things I need…

Anyway, flashing back to last week:

  • Monday :: Lasagne – it was actually really sloppy this time, I don’t know why. It was delicious though.
  • Tuesday :: Curried chicken rice – really yummy, we did have some complaints about it being hot. It wasn’t hot.
  • Wednesday :: Creamy chicken pot pie – we actually had this on Thursday as it was SO hot on Wednesday and I couldn’t bare the thought of warming food.
  • Thursday :: Enchiladas – now this is what we had on Wednesday and it was DELISH. I also made this a bit sloppy by using too much enchilada sauce (which was super easy to make)
  • Friday :: Yellow Thai Curry – ate it with prawn crackers and rice. Twas a TREAT.
  • Saturday :: Chicken pasta – very yummy, I deliberately left out the spinach as no one is that keen and we waste it in the end, so we had it without.
  • Sunday :: You can’t beat brinner. That is all.

Monday :: Coconut Lime Chicken

This actually looks like a very yummy curry that isn’t really much of a curry, something mild and creamy, super simple for the kids and my mother to eat. Recipe is from Let’s Dish Recipes.

Tuesday :: Honey mustard sausage tray bake

This recipe from Don’t go Bacon my Heart is probably a bit more autumnal than I would usually go for in Spring but it looks like something we will all enjoy so I’m rolling with it! Might add some peas as a side.

Wednesday :: Ropa Vieja

I’ve never tried this before and we have some beef in the freezer that needs using up, so I thought we would give it a go! It’s by Immaculate Bites on African Bites and looks lush.

Thursday :: Pasat Carbonara

We do love a pasta dish and it’s been an age since I’ve made a carbonara, so I’m looking forward to this! This recipe is by Chef savvy.

Friday :: Takeaway

We don’t have our usual places open at the moment, but there are a couple of local places and that it would be nice to order from… mainly so I’m not cooking.

Saturday :: Fish fingers with stuffed peppers

Still a fave of Toby’s so I figured I would make this easy recipe. It’s one that you can find on my own blog here.

Sunday :: Cottage Pie

Simple, tasty and one I’ve made over and over. With life being so slow at the moment we might even make ourselves a bit of chunky bread to go with it.

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