Meal Plan 20/09

Happy Monday! This week is going to be so up and down for us, which is why I’ve done my best to take the pressure off and keep it simple on some nights – slow/pressure cooker, minimal effort/prep and stuff the kids can polish off and be done with.

This week Adam has his second bout of dental surgery – it was meantt o be last week but they had to push back by a few days. ARGH! It’s pretty major stuff and, whilst it’s no where near as bad in terms of recovery as we expected (he was up and about after a couple of days – albeit in pain), it’s still a lengthy process and impacts what he can eat etc for months. His first surgery was in July and he has just started to eat solid/normalish food again now, which is why he missed out on so much over the summer but this time we’re better prepped for how things will go! Last time I had an infection in my wisdom tooth (the irony!) so the kids went up to my in laws for a couple of nights to help us out and we pretty much just slept, took pain killers and wished the time away. This time they are back at school, school runs and I have a meeting in London on Wednesday. This is going to be interesting!

Before I dive into this week, let’s have a look at last:

  • Monday :: Jamaican chicken – delish to be honest, it was a little bit curry powdery, so maybe paste would have been better.
  • Tuesday :: Vietnamese beef stew – erm, I wasn’t that enamoured with this one but the kids and Adam really enjoyed it!
  • Wednesday :: Fish cakes – Edith told us she had fish cakes on holiday with the grandparents and loved them… only to hate them at home. Fuck my life.
  • Thursday :: One pot Tuscan Chicken – really tasty! It was actually ideal for a quiet Sunday (which is when we ate it)
  • Friday :: Sausage and Mash – the kids always enjoy this!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – nom. Always nom.
  • Sunday :: Slow cooker chicken tacos – these went down so well, Thursday evening from the slow cooker. Yummers!

So, on to this week, and I’ll be honest we probably won’t stick to the meal planner as well this week, but we’ll try!

Monday :: Chorizo & red Lentil soup

It’s possible we won’t get home in time to eat this if Adam needs collecting before we can eat (though last time he was in surgery for 12hrs and not out until 7.30pm) but this will be perfect for freezing and feeding to Adam later on in the week too. Recipe from Olive Mag.

Tuesday :: Slow cooker Beef Stroganoff

Something super easy to whack in the slow cooker. Adam won’t be in the mood to eat anything other than super noodles or maybe yoghurt pouches, so I’m pretty sure this will be ideal for me and the kids. Recipe from Well Plated.

Wednesday :: Slow cooker chicken noodle soup

This recipe from Damn Delicious will be absolutely perfect for popping in pressure cooker and then the fridge for Adam to just heat up for them. I’ll be in London – I have 2 meetings and fully expected that we would be a week post-surgery when this was arranged but it can’t be helped and I’m sure everything will be fine… she says…

Thursday :: Pork & apple casserole

This recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary looks lush, and it will be ideal for putting in the slow cooker. It’s legit the most Autumnal recipe ever.

Friday :: Beans on toast

I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably cook myself something or order a takeaway once the kids are in bed.

Saturday :: Slow Cooker Meatballs

Dinner at the Zoo always has great recipes, and this is set to be a treat for Toby who loves meatballs.

Sunday :: Slow cooker Chicken stew & Dumplings

Another tasty one, this will be ideal for the warming post-football meal that we will all need! Lush. This is from Taste of Home.

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