Meal Plan 20/07

Helloooo! Today is going to be a fun day – we’re getting our windows replaced! All of them. Gahh. I mean they are wayyyyy overdue and Toby’s bedroom window is a nightmare so it’s one of those things that we just couldn’t escape from – they don’t tell you about this when they say buy a house do they?!

Anyway, as with all foodie based blog posts, do you really want to listen to me witter? Nah, course not. You want to hear about meals!

Let’s recap last week:

  • Monday :: Morrocan Red lentil stew – this was REALLY nice, but unfortunately the kids didn’t like it. I did lie to them and tell them I made the naans I bought, so at least they gave me points for that.
  • Tuesday :: Balsamic chicken stuffed peppers – I didn’t do this in the end, I got some chicken out of the freezer for Sunday’s meal, went to get the remaining breasts for this and it was GROSS. Like fully gross. I have no idea why.
  • Wednesday :: Pesto Chicken meatballs – really enjoyed these but no one else did. They ate them but they said they weren’t fans. Gutted.
  • Thursday :: Baked potatoes – went down well with everyone, for the most part!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – I actually opted to go for fajitas instead!
  • Saturday :: Mango Avocado chicken – the kids weren’t here so we treated ourselves to a takeaway!
  • Sunday :: Grilled thai chicken skewers – a winner all round! Huzzah!

Let’s have a look at this week then!

Monday :: Simple Chicken Ginger/Honey stir fry

I just want something simple and easy whilst the windows will be being done, the last thing I want is to be running about like a headless chicken when that is being done! This recipe is from Fit Foodie Finds and I think rice will be our side dish of choice.

Tuesday :: Penne Arrabiata

This is totally going to be a winner and I have some chorizo that I have been needing to use up. The recipe is from Kitchen Sanctuary.

Wednesday :: Country chicken skillet

This looks really yummy – it’s from Delicious Meets Healthy, and just looks like one of those simple, easy to make meals that everyone enjoys. Someone text me on Tuesday to remind me to make some bread to go with it, or buy a crusty loaf… or maybe I should just serve it with a garlic pizza bread…

Thursday :: Chicken Dopiaza

Everyone loves a good curry right? RIGHT? I’ve never made a Dopiaza from scratch and I’m pretty confident that I have 98% of the stuff I need, so I’m going for it. This sounds really tasty, it’s from Slimming Eats.

Friday :: Takeaway!

Saturday :: Creamy Cajun chicken Pasta

Oh this looks like a treat – I confess I think I’ve done this before, it’s by Don’t go Bacon my Heart, and I swear I’ve made it but can’t remember.

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

In the middle of summer I hear you cry? Yup. This slow roasted beef from The Slow Roasted Italian looks lush and I just thought it had been a million years since we had a nice roast, so here we are.

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