Meal plan :: 20/01

This week is a very exciting week. VERY exciting. This week… we’re off to Disneyland Paris for Edith’s birthday! She has no idea, it’s just going to be a girly weekend with my mum, myself and Edith because the main attraction is the Frozen celebration and that means we are going to be all about Elsa and Anna, Princesses and getting our tiara on – which frankly would bore the boys to tears. They do love Disneyland Paris but I thought with this being so princess focused, it would be wise to let them stay at home with their dad.

So, with that in mind this is a bit of a different meal planner as we only really have a few days at home, but I will include what the plans are. Before that, last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken fried rice – It was really popular once I had picked out the offensive veggies for Edith.
  • Tuesday :: Lentil meatballs – I’ll be honest, I didn’t even attempt it. i was so knackered that i just made a chicken curry using that slow cooker recipe I bang on about all the time, though this time I adapted a few things and I was really impressed with it! I did add lentils so… does that sort of count?
  • Wednesday :: One pot Pasta – I actually didn’t think this was very nice. I used the pressure cooker (on the pasta setting) and it totally overcooked it so we ended up with mulch. Irrespective of that, I didn’t think that the flavour was great, it seemed a bit meh.
  • Thursday :: Shakshuka – it was DELISH. Adam’s comments: it was nice for something with all that veg and no meat. The highest of praise from a man who sees broccoli or greeny veg as an offensive tool of oppression.
  • Friday :: Take away
  • Saturday :: Bean burgers – They were delicious!
  • Sunday :: Cottage pie – always a winner in this house, I think it’s just such a family staple. If you fancy it by the way, you can totally rock out a veggie version of this and test to see if you family notice the difference.

So what about this week? Well I’ve had a few requests and I don’t want to let the boys down when I’m quietly confident that they will already be miffed that I’m not taking them to Disneyland (until they find out what we’re doing there and then they will be thrilled.)

Monday :: Toad in the Hole (requested by Toby)

You can do this with veggie sausages (we adore Linda McCartney ones) or you can do it with normal. I tend to mix it up – not sure which one I will go for this week! This recipe from Hint of Helen is very similar to my own hand me down one.

Tuesday :: Lasagne (Adam’s request)

Honestly, I don’t know what it is about lasagne that gets Adam but if it was 1920, he would be making me cook it daily for him. Fortunately, it’s not, so I cook it when I can be arsed – by proxy, the boys and Adam love it too so it’s a bit of a win win situation if I’m honest (and so so easy to sneak veg into). This recipe from Half Baked Harvest for extra cheesy homemade lasagne is the one I’m going to try this week – my own recipe is a firm fave but I love to play about and try new things with it.

Wednesday :: Chilli con carne

Now, if i make enough spagbol the night before I will be able to use that left over to make my chilli con carne – uhh huh, mum hacks up in this place. I take the bolognese and add cumin, coriander powder and kidney beans then pop back in the pan to reheat and cook the spices through. Fancy something that you cook from scratch, try this from Stilettos and Sprouts.

Thursday – Sunday :: Disneyland!

Whilst we’re in Disneyland we’re going to be having lunch with the Princesses on Edith’s birthday (Saturday) and then the rest of the time we had decided on counter service meals, I really don’t rate the food at Disneyland Paris when compared to the options at Disneyworld, and there are only a couple of character dining options, so I figured Edith would prefer the princesses and then having more time in the park.

H 🙂

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