Meal Plan 18/10

This month is feral. It’s just speeding past me – yesterday I was sat in the pub, awaiting my glorious Sunday dinner out (which frankly I’ve been craving for ages) when Reuben asked me when my anniversary was. I said 17th, which is next… shit. It’s today. I wondered why my in laws kept making it such a big thing. I think a combo of being ill and suddenly busier with work means I have totally lost a week somewhere. Fortunately, Adam and I had agreed we weren’t going to do anything this year (we rarely do!) because we have loads going on and we’ve never been card giving people. Still felt like a massive twat, obvs.

So let’s have a little gander at last week:

  • Monday :: Pie & Mash – they all loved it, it went down super well and the best part is that it was so simple. The only thing I will say is that it isn’t as filling to buy pie and it doesn’t spread as far. There are 5 of us now and frankly, as the boys grow, we could use two pies!
  • Tuesday :: Butter chicken – forking hell this was LUSH.
  • Wednesday :: Creamy chicken in dijon sauce – the chicken? lush. Fortunately I had the foresight to put a sauce in a separate jug, because it was awful.
  • Thursday :: Tomato & spinach chicken pasta – it was nice, simple and tasty.
  • Friday :: Baked Tuscan chicken – I didn’t end up doing this, I just fried some chicken in paprika instead!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway
  • Sunday :: Teriyaki bowl – didn’t do this AGAIN. Honestly it’s a lost cause.

So let’s have a look at this week’s plans!

Monday :: Chicken Curry from My book

My book is currently on offer – it’s perfect in the run up to Christmas, so I have included my fave recipe in there. There are lots of suggestions for Christmas like recipes, hampers and more! Find it here.

Tuesday :: One pot Sausage pasta bake

Oooh this looks nice and I’m seriously excited to try the chorizo and tomato sausages I’ve bought. NOM. Recipe is from Super Golden Bakes.

Wednesday :: Lasagne

Apart from the fact it’s always a winner, this is actually going to help me out with the following day too. I’m planning to make a big ole batch of bolognese and then separate a part aside to make chilli tomorrow! Yay!

Thursday :: Chilli con Carne

Made from the leftover bolognese yesterday, just add some kidney beans, and then some lentils to bulk it out. Perfect, easy and super quick.

Friday :: Chicken noodle casserole

Pure comfort food, right? Yummers! This is from Kleinworth Co – it’s easy and perfect for that cold/flu season we seem to be in the middle of.

Saturday :: Takeaway

This week will be a cantonese, I’ve promised Toby for about 4/5 weeks now and we still haven’t had one, so this week: It’s on.

Sunday :: Mediterranean chicken casserole

Oooh this looks like something everyone will enjoy AND I will have enough left over to make something for the kid’s lunch the next day. Ideal! This recipe is from Family Food on the Table.

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