Meal Plan 18/05

Oh hello mid May, how did you creep up? Last week was a funny old week, I was really up and down, some days I was happy and productive and other days I just wanted to crawl into a hole. If you follow the blog you will see I wrote about the children returning to school, and whilst I’m not even remotely unsure of my decision for them not to return just yet, it’s a really tough pill to swallow when they are missing their friends so much, Toby especially. I’d just like it all to go away now.

Anyway, swallow the pill we must, we’re in a really fortunate position and I’m aware of that, but some days it can be hard when you’re craving normality.

On to the food situation last week, it was actually a fairly successful week, we stuck to the meal planner mostly, although for the first time in a while, I wasn’t that keen on everything.

  • Monday :: Orange chicken meatballs – these were lush, though I was told they were spicy by more or less everyone and no one really loved them as much as I did. It was a very orangey flavour (duh) and similar to sweet and sour
  • Tuesday :: Pork Marsala – I couldn’t for the LIFE of me, find marsala wine in the supermarket and I wasn’t going searching in the current climate, so I used good ole sherry instead! It was sublime.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken and lemon roasted potatoes – the potatoes are amazing and 100% recommend giving them a go, I will cut them a little bigger next time but lord they were lush.
  • Thursday :: Chateaubriand – I remembered and I have to say it was AMAZING. The kids were fighting over who had the last piece of beef.
  • Friday :: Chilli con carne – this was lush, I love a good chilli. We let the kids make it this time!
  • Saturday :: Persian curry – Really rich and decadent. Highly recommend – I left off the pomegranate seeds.
  • Sunday – steak pie – an easy win.

Onwards to this week!

Monday :: Macaroni cheese

As requested by Miss Edith, we are going to have mac n cheese. I think I’m going to use that left over tin of evaporated milk to make it extra creamy. This recipe from Feast and Farm looks lovely if you want something simple and traditional.

Tuesday :: One pan balsamic chicken & veg

I’m not likely to use the radishes (I mean we haven’t tried them before so maybe I should) but this looks amazing. The recipe is from I heart naptime.

Wednesday :: Frittata

I’m not sure how this will go, sometimes the kids are very anti-eggs and other times they love them, so I guess your guess is as good as mind. I will serve with some nice toast or bread I think. Recipe from Blue Jean Chef.

Thursday :: Honey garlic chicken Stir fry

Phwoar this looks yum doesn’t it? I have no doubt that there will be mucho temper tantrums over the chunkier veg from Edith BUT she will just have to get on with it. This recipe is from Dinner at the Zoo.

Friday :: Chicken Tinga taco boats

These look wonderful, I’m going to serve them as I would a normal fajita with some roasted peppers, lettuce and cheese. I do love shredded chicken! Recipe is from House of Yumm.

Saturday :: Pizza night!

I think I will just grab some frozen ones at the supermarket. Here for the easy dinner and yum.

Sunday :: Giant yorkshire pudding

I love a giant yorkshire, and I’m going to fill it with all the delicious things – veggies, gravy and meat. Perhaps beef? I’m not sure, but I’ll look forward to this! This is from the BBC food webiste.

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