Meal plan 17/01

I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to be a much more efficient blogger. I would have posts written and scheduled, ready to rock… instead, I’m writing this should-be-live-at-6am-on-a-monday post at 9.45am on a monday (and by the time I’ve finished this sentence it is 10.11am because I got lost on TikTok in a moment of temporary procrastination insanity.)

So let’s have a quick look back at last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Spag Bol – always a treat.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken curry from my book – still forgot to cook the naan in the freezer and the bloody poppadoms.
  • Wednesday :: Grandma’s fish dinner – alas this didn’t get done and I can’t remember why… I did something else that I don’t think was on the menu. I’m easing into it.
  • Thursday :: Katsu Curry – I did this with Fry’s Family plant based chicken style burgers (I’m working on a campaign with them) and it was SO good. The kids didn’t even know it wasn’t chicken.
  • Friday :: Ravioli – the kids were really funny with this. Toby enjoyed it but the others (so unlike Roo) weren’t fans.
  • Saturday :: Chicken Peanut curry – nope. I was knackered after a day out and I think I just did sandwiches as the kids had been for lunch with Grandma!
  • Sunday :: Chicken and Artichoke bake – Reuben requested a takeaway but when I rang (I also wanted to have a takeaway ha!) they were shut and we really didn’t have many options that everyone likes SO I opted for a quick chilli con carne.

Right, so as you can see, I’m easing my way back into meal planning by not sticking to most of it… anyway, this week

Monday :: Chicken, Artichoke & baby potato bake

Yep, I’m recycling the recipe. I have everything for it, I’ve been meaning to use up the artichoke I have in the fridge for ages, so thats the plan! The recipe is from Clean Eating Mag.

Tuesday :: Chicken Chop Suey

I’m planning to use up the chicken strips I have kindly been sent from Fry’s Family as part of our collaboration. I love a stir fry and Tuesday is my least fave day of the week so this will help make something quick and easy. Recipe is from Red House Spice.

Wednesday :: Sausage & Mash Bake

This recipe from Good To Know looks like something that all of my kids AND Adam will love.

Thursday :: Feta pasta (Tiktok, is that you?)

I’ve made this before for just me and Adam, but I’m not sure what the kids will make of it. I have to confess it’s bloody lovely. Very filling and you don’t want too much of it because it’s a bit sickly after a time, but it’s fresh and yummy. This recipe is from Mom Files.

Friday & Saturday :: Takeaway? Pizza? Cheese?

The kids are staying over with their Grandparents because me and Adam are swapping Toby & Edith’s bedrooms! It’s not been that long since Toby had that room, but now he’s offered it up as a bigger space for his sister. He’s not really a child that has many toys, he is more into his games, or he has sports stuff that is outside. This means that me and Adam will be eating whatever the hell we get time to, probably a takeaway, possibly nothing at all if we are falling behind!

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

I am quite determined to cook one BEFORE the month is out. I want a Sunday Roast, I love them, but I stopped cooking them as we were always so busy and they aren’t Adam’s fave… but sod that. I like them.

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