Meal Plan 16/05

As IF it’s mid May! I realise I could probably start every single meal plan this was, but as I get older the years really seem to fly by. This week is pretty simple in terms of meals I think, but before we have a look at that, let’s see what we did last week:

  • Monday :: Steak Pie – bought an AWFUL chicken, leek and ham pie from Lidl, 100% do not recommend, Adam did enjoy his single steak pie but they were out of bigger ones. No one liked the chicken one!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Bhuna – gosh this was lush, Edith wasn’t keen but she is a fuss pants and only seems to like one curry!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken & avocado salad – as predicted, this went down like a shit sandwich.
  • Thursday :: Feta pasta – delish, I actually ran out of tomatoes so used peppers and then pureed the sauce.
  • Friday/Sat :: London
  • Sunday :: White chicken chilli – didn’t do this and did, in fact, kick myself big time as I’d planned it for the kid’s packed lunches.

So let’s move on to this week!

Monday :: Hello Fresh Mexican Beef Hash

OOh this looks amazing, and as I’m working with Hello Fresh again via Instagram, it’s going to take the load off a pretty packed Monday. I think this will be a winner with everyone! Use the code HELLOHARRIET for 50% off you first box and 35% off your next 3.

Tuesday :: Hello Fresh Chicken noodles

Another meal that I think will be perfect on my least fave day of the week!

Wednesday :: Hello Fresh Cheesy Chicken Parma with Serrano Ham

I actually think this might be a fave for Edith – she likes ham, cheese and chicken so we will see. Don’t forget that code HELLOHARRIET if you fancy trying it for yourself.

Thursday :: Honey Pepper Pork Stir Fry

This sounds lush, I’ll do it with rice as we will have had noodles once this week and Edith doesn’t like them anyway, but this is a little different to my usual stir fry! Recipe from Sugar Salt Magic.

Friday :: Baked Potatoes

I like to add this to my list and never actually do it. We ARE doing it this week. 100%.

Saturday :: Cajun Lemon Chicken Alfredo Pasta

I think this sounds divine, but whether they will all enjoy it is another matter. Usually pasta is a winner in this house. This recipe is from Self Proclaimed Foodie.

Sunday :: Fish finger tacos

I love a good fish finger taco – it’s just a twist on something that we have fairly often isn’t it?! This is from Cupcakes & Kale chips and I’m pretty confident everyone will enjoy it.

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