Meal Plan 15/03

Last week was a heavy week for women across the UK. I feel like it was a weighty week so I’m not going to dwell on the negative too much, instead I’m going to have a look at what a great time the kids had being back at school! They loved seeing all their friends again and what a difference it made to them! Unfortunately, Toby was poorly on Thursday/Friday. I strongly suspect it was just the run of the mill cold coupled with being so damn exhausted from being back.

Let’s have a look at how the week went food wise:

  • Monday :: Pork & Bean stew – Now this was delish, I was so surprised by how much everyone enjoyed it!
  • Chicken Fajita pasta – they really do like this one, it always goes down well.
  • Wednesday :: Chilli con carne – everyone enjoyed it!
  • Thursday :: Chicken stuffing bake – didn’t end up doing this which was annoying as I was really looking forward to it, I think we will have it next week.
  • Friday :: Homemade pizza – they loved it.
  • Saturday :: Breakfast for dinner – we had a grown ups only takeaway instead! Kids had cheese toasties… not mad about it.
  • Sunday :: Beef & Dumpling Stew – also had a takeaway as it was Reuben’s birthday!

So this week:

Monday :: Breakfast for Dinner

I bought all the stuff, it really needs using!

Tuesday :: Stuffed chicken breast

We will see what they make of this one – I know I will enjoy it! I’ll serve with potatoes and probably carrots. Recipe from Healthy fitness meals.

Wednesday :: Beef stir fry

I love a good stir fry! This one looks like a great non-chicken option! Recipe is from Our Salty Kitchen.

Thursday :: Creamy White wine chicken

A bit of a do it yourself chicken tonight! Remember those? Are they still going? I used to adore the Country french! Anyway, this from Salt & Lavender looks amazing.

Friday :: Takeaway

Toby was most put out that Reuben asked for a burger for his birthday takeaway, SO we are having a Cantonese as normal this weekend! Bring it on!

Saturday :: Fajita

Always a winner!

Sunday :: Chicken and stuffing casserole

This recipe from last week was just too good to miss out on trying, so we have opted to add it to our end of week Sunday meal! Recipe from Life in the Lofthouse.

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