Meal Plan 14/10

Oh hi Mid October, how are you? You came along fairly swiftly didn’t you?

I KNOW I said that there would be pumpkin recipes galore throughout October but, um, it turns out I lied. Yeah, I haven’t done a single pumpkin recipe yet have I? Gosh I’m an embarrassment to Halloween/Autumn lovers everywhere.

Anyhoo, what I did do last week was feed my family. Yup. Where’s my medal? In the post with my medal for not drinking gin after Edith’s post-school temper tantrum.

  • Monday :: Chicken Parmesan – this was heavenly, I have nothing negative to report… though I will say Edith didn’t enjoy the 2 peas that I put on her plate in order to get her to eat something vaguely green.
  • Tuesday :: Steak and Mushroom pie – THE COMPLAINTS ABOUT MUSHROOMS PEOPLE. Facepalms all round. Lord these kids man. They really loved the pie but no one, including Adam, wanted to eat the mushrooms.
  • Wednesday :: Vegetable lasagne – honestly, this was SO good. I had seconds and so did Toby. I used ordinary lasagne, which was lush!
  • Thursday :: Fish fingers & stuffed peppers – I had to go to the passport office to fill in a last minute passport application for a potential collab, so Adam was in charge and cooked… sausage sandwiches…
  • Friday :: Take away – truly the shining glory of every week. Fact.
  • Saturday :: Quesadillas – I made these on Sunday for lunch because we were out until late on Saturday.
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast – Delish. I went with chicken.

So, that was last week, which upon reflection, went fairly well right?

So what about this week?

Monday :: Tunisian Tangine

Apart from the obvious fact that this looks lush, I’m really trying to use up some of the lesser used things in my store cupboard and one of those things is cous cous. I can’t remember the last time I cooked with it, despite the fact that I used to eat it most nights as a teenager with stir fry (try it, it’s a game changer to replace rice or noodles). Anyway, this has the makings of something that all the kids will like with the curve ball of cous cous. Here’s the recipe from Feasting at Home.

Tuesday :: Green Thai Curry

Such an easy one to make – honestly, this was Reuben’s favourite as a little baby. He used to LOVE it. I would puree it and feed it to him and he would just lap it up. I usually make mine with courgette and thin strips of carrot – if you want a recipe this one here from Kitchen Sanctuary, she shows you how to make you’re own paste and I guarantee if you have time it will be SO much nicer than the shop bought version.

Wednesday :: Toad in the hole

One of Toby’s faves, and so simple. I’ve made it so often I don’t have a recipe anymore – just 4 eggs, milk and flour for the batter… winner winner, sausage dinner.

Thursday :: Breaded Fish with New Potatoes

Big fan of Young’s fish fillets and this makes such an easy evening meal. I just plan to serve this with new potatoes and maybe peas for Edith to reject.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Chilli Con Carne

Another recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary – I’m loving her blog lately. I would recommend for a twist on any chilli con carne, add some dark chocolate. It changes it completely and it’s LUSH.

Sunday :: Macaroni Cheese

This macaroni cheese from Feast and Farm, looks lush and I think with some nice thick garlic bread this will be a lush warming dish for curling up on a sunday with. I love the simplicity!

See you next week!

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