Meal Plan 14/09

Well, we made it through the first week of school and it wasn’t anywhere near as worrying/bad as I thought it would be! We had tears on Monday night but by Tuesday at 8.50 they were all just really pleased to see their friends! HOORAY! Now I’m hoping that the virus behaves itself and we don’t have to close schools or pull the kids out…

Anyway, one thing I have noticed: the post school grumps and hunger is WILD. WILLLLDDD. They are ravenous, they are grouchy and they are filled to the brim with enough attitude that it’s likely corona will turn up at the house and think “Nah, I’m good”.

Hot lunches in their thermos flasks are a winner for the two little ones who are putting in daily requests like I’m some kind of flippin’ restaurant. No Edith, Mummy can’t make you a curry just because you fancy it, it’s 6am. Today, Toby went with left over chilli con carne, Reuben a sandwich and Edith chicken curry from the freezer… in fairness, it was less effort than making 3 sandwiches because the microwave did all the work! Batch cooking this weekend though!

So let’s recap last week:

  • Monday :: Lemon, parmesan chicken rissoles – ok, you won’t hear this often but… I thought they were rubbish. Yup. Hated them. No one was keen, we all said they were meh at best.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Kare Kare – I was so mad with myself, I ran out of peanut butter and didn’t know! I made a similar version with a peanut dip I had and it was very tasty.
  • Wednesday :: Cottage pie – lush, we actually had this on the Thursday and Toby was asking for the leftovers for school! We didn’t have any though!
  • Thursday :: Spag Bol – I didn’t end up doing this, I did a fajita chicken pasta and ohhhh it was good. Really good.
  • Friday :: Takeaway – NOM
  • Saturday :: Chicken Carnitas – this was really good as well. I ladened it into wraps. Lush.
  • Sunday :: Roast – Oh I was here for this. YES PLEASE.

Looking forward to this week, I’m still thinking about something that is fast or easy… I mean to be fair I always am.

Monday :: Chicken Gyros

I’ve seen this so many times on Twisted or Buzzfeed on instagram and I’ve just never bothered to do it myself so I’m going to give it a go. It sounds really easy! Recipe is from Foodies Terminal. I’ve ordered some folded flat breads to go with it, I’m going to do some salad to eat with it too – pretty sure Reuben will be thrilled.

Tuesday :: Lamb Tagine

I still have some lamb in the freezer and I really need to crack on and get rid of it, no one really eats lamb in our family so it just needs to be used and we can free up space. It’s not that we don’t like it (I don’t actually if we’re being blunt, but I rarely count) it’s more that we just… don’t buy it. Anyway, this is another beauty from The Slow Cooker club, which means it will be a pressure cooker job. It will be really yummy to be fair, tagines are lovely.

Wednesday :: Marinaded cod and stir fry veg & noodles

I just wanted to do something a bit different – Adam hates fish and I’m a bit ambivalent to it most of the time so I tend to never cook it, which is silly because he’s always just said he would sort himself out with dinner if I cooked fish and to crack on for me and the kids… but you know when it’s just easier? Anyway, I usually end up doing him chicken if I do fish like this because I DO like it, it IS good for the kids and it’s crazy fast. I might just do that. Anyway, this marinade is miso from Closet cooking, I don’t have any miso in so I’ll probably just do a honey soy… though I might push the boat out and do it properly… maybe.

Thursday :: Crispy potato topped pie

This is basically a basic bitch Lancashire hotpot. It looks yummy though and it’s easy enough to do, I’ll probably blast the meat in the pressure cooker to speed things up and then I will finish off in the oven in my new utterly glorious oven dish (see instagram)! YAS. The recipe is from Slimming Eats.

Friday :: Takeaway (obvs)

Saturday :: Fry Up

Is it the healthiest dinner for us all? Probably not. Will it be glorious? YUP. We tend to have bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, toast, tomatoes and beans. I add in mushrooms for me because they are deeeelish and I won’t hear otherwise. Black pudding is rank. Peace out.

Sunday :: Pressure Cooker Thai curry

As far as curries go, this one looks epic and I know that if I do enough for leftovers/second portions, this will be a packed lunch winner too. The recipe is from Instant Pot Eats.

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