Meal Plan 14/06

In true Brit fashion I would like to start this post by saying Scorchio! What. A. Belting. Week. The summer has truly hit… all one week of it because, as far as I’m aware, it’s planning to be cooler and rainy this week. Joy.

So let’s have a little look back”

  • Monday : Coconut chicken curry – lush! Everyone really enjoyed this.
  • Tuesday :: Summer beef stew – I wasn’t too keen on this, which is unusual for me. I think It was just a bit of an odd one! The kids and Adam seemed to enjoy it.
  • Wednesday :: Summer Dump & Bake pasta – the boys raved about this, Toby in particular asked for seconds, thirds and then finished off everyone’s leftovers!
  • Thursday :: BLT – they had the B… it was so warm no one was really fussed!
    Friday :: Takeaway – swapped takeaway nights!
  • Saturday :: Quesadilla – we didn’t actually have this, I made a summer buffet and we all enjoyed that!
  • Sunday :: Peanut noodles – Adam said it was delish but the two littles weren’t really keen!

So looking forward to this week, I’ve gone down a salad root… Let’s see how that goes ha!

Monday :: Caprese chicken

This looks lovely, and I’ve ordered some baby potatoes to go with it, or maybe something like pasta. Regardless, YUM. From Dinner at the Zoo.

Tuesday :: Grilled Honey BBQ chicken foil packets

Another chicken dish (features heavily this week!) that I think looks really yummy and is genuinely minimal effort. Whack it all in the foil packets and leave them in the oven. This is from The Recipe Critic.

Wednesday :: Tex Mex Chicken chopped salad

Now I already know this is going to be an issue for Edith, so I’m considering cooking her a little separate portion of chicken with some pasta on the side. We’ll see. She will hate the salad I think, but we can’t all cook around her. This is from Life in the Lofthouse.

Thursday :: Thai Peanut Salad

Frankly this sounds like heaven to me, but I can see resistance. Adam made comments about wanting to eat better and has started running so this should be great for him. The kids… hmm. We’ll see. I’ll be adding chicken! This is from Seeking Good Eats.

Friday :: Beef & Noodles

This looks insanely good, nice burst of carb power for the football heavy weekend! This is from The Omnivore’s Cookbook.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Teriyaki Chicken Casserole

Another one from Life in the Lofthouse – this looks every bit a meal that my family will enjoy!

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