Meal Plan 13/09

Oohh this week feels like Autumn doesn’t it? Feckin chilly in the mornings and then toasty in the afternoon. I mean, I love the chill to be honest, I miss the sunshine and summer but I’m so so here for the Autumn.

So with that in mind, I thought that I would have some warming recipes for this week’s meal planner, but before we head into that, here is a look at last week’s dinners!

  • Monday :: Chow Mein – Always goes down a storm!
  • Tuesday :: Spag bol – such an easy recipe for the first day back at school.
  • Wednesday :: One pot thai chicken stew – I really liked this, so did Toby and Edith (I didn’t add an spinach)
  • Thursday :: One Pot Taco pasta – I wasn’t so keen on this but the kid’s and Adam really enjoyed it!
  • Friday :: My Chicken curry – hell yasss. It’s such a great recipe.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway night – we actually all ended up having randomly different things due to parties etc and Adam and I had a pizza!
  • Sunday :: Chicken Pie – yup, I screwed this one up, we had a massive lunch out and no one wanted this so we had sandwiches ha!

So moving on to this week:

Monday :: Jamaican Chicken Curry

Love a good curry and this one from Well Plated looks filling, warming and just a little bit delish! I think the kids will really enjoy the potatoes in it.

Tuesday :: Vietnamese Beef stew

Easy one that will go in the slow or pressure cooker for Tuesday, which is arguably the worst day of the week. This really looks interested, pretty sure the boys and Edith will enjoy it, it’s just something a little different to your usual beef stew isn’t it? Recipe from Super Golden Bakes.

Wednesday :: Fish Cakes

Today is going to be a difficult one and whilst I’ve bought the fish cakes, but Adam will be having the second part of his dental surgery today, so I will need to go and collect him, which, if anything like last time, will be later on in the evening. We may end up with a McDonald’s just for the ease!

Thursday :: One Pot Tuscan Chicken

This recipe from the Recipe Rebel sounds lush, and we are all here for anything one pot right?

Friday :: Sausage & Mash

ALWAYS a winner. Do we still make mash potato volcanoes? Yes we do.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Slow cooker chicken Tacos

They have asked for weekly tacos so I expect there will be a lot of recipes on show here that involve DIY wraps and tacos! This is also from Recipe Rebel, and I think it will be ideal as we can go off and enjoy a Sunday afternoon whilst this cooks.

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