Meal Plan 13/07

Hands up who has just about had enough of cooking every meal, every day? Anyone else seriously considering heading out for a meal now that the restaurants and cafes are opening? Are you too nervous? I’d love nothing more but to be honest I’m just not sure it’s wise yet – outside in gardens, maybe, but inside? Hmm.

So cooking it is.

My appetite still didn’t make much of an appearance last week, if anything it was worse because I’ve had some crazy bad tummy ache and FYI I do not get tummy ache. Ever.

I did manage to stick to the meal planner last week though and just had a really small portion myself.

  • Monday :: Chicken and Dumplings – really REALLY tasty, but I knew I didn’t want to make the dumplings myself so I bought some Aunt Bessie ones and I have to say I didn’t rate them that highly.
  • Tuesday :: One pot lentil and mushroom bolognese – I used beef but this always goes down well!
  • Wednesday :: Honey Garlic chicken – now I LOVED this, but the kids weren’t keen. I was really surprised!
  • Thursday :: White chilli chicken – surprisingly tasty, I wasn’t sure about it but it went down well!
  • Friday :: Pizza – and Scooby the movie, which was great FYI.
  • Saturday :: Mash potato and crispy chicken casserole – I really wasn’t sure of this but the family seemed to like it A LOT.
  • Sunday :: Bacon mac n cheese with broccoli – lush, just that super yummy comfort food.

This week is meant to be so much hotter, keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it is!

Monday :: Moroccan red lentil stew

This looks really good! I was never really given lentils growing up and I didn’t think I loved them as much as I do, especially red lentils who seem to have the most flavoursome … flavour. You know what I mean. This recipe is from Monkey and Me kitchen adventures.

Tuesday :: Balsamic chicken & feta stuff peppers

Now this is a bit of a curve ball – Toby LOVES stuffed peppers but I’ve never done them like this. I will use normal peppers instead of sweet peppers, I also really dislike pearl barley so I will be changing that too – most likely to something like rice. I’m going to serve it with potatoes. Recipe is from Basement Bakehouse.

Wednesday :: Pesto chicken veggie meatballs

These look lush, and I figured with some wedges or something that they would be really nice. The recipe is by Super Healthy Kids.

Thursday :: Baked potatoes

Ok look, I probably won’t do it… but HOW COOL is this baked potato board? If you had a few friends over, you could absolutely put this out and everyone would be in their element – also, what a way to use up leftovers! Leftover curry or chilli would sit on here so well. Recipe is from Reluctant Entertainer.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Mango Avocado salad with grilled chicken

Ooh this looks lush and I know that Reuben in particular likes mangoes so I’m hoping that this will be a popular one! Again, serving with potatoes or maybe rice depending on the way I feel! This is from Girl Gone Gourmet.

Sunday :: Grilled thai coconut chicken skewers

Found this one via Pups with Chopsticks and I think I’m in love with their site! This has loads of promise, I’m convinced that everyone will enjoy it – for some reason food on a skewer seems to go down exceptionally well with my kids, even Edith – and I’ve found a really lovely noodle recipe to go with it!

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