Meal Plan 12/6

What a whirlwind weekend eh? If you’re like Reuben and managed to stay wholly disinterested in football over the weekend then you did better than me. I’ve never been a football fan but was loving the excuse to cheer for something with Toby, until the usual England fan base went and caused chaos. It is over now though and back to Monday with a bump!

Last week I don’t think we did too badly to be honest! Here’s a look:

  • Monday :: Hawaiian Chicken – yes please! This went down a treat with most of the family!
  • Tuesday :: Fish fingers & stuffed peppers – Toby’s fave!
  • Wednesday :: Orzo – I was so disappointed with the kid’s reaction to this, I thought it was amazing and I was convinced Edith would love it because it’s basically rice shaped pasta but NOPE!
  • Thursday :: Homemade Pasta – didn’t enjoy it as much this time, I was using different flour and I think it was just a bit naff!
  • Friday :: Pizza – the party was cancelled but we had pizza at home!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – as all our weekend plans got cancelled thanks to Reuben needing a covid test (fortunately negative!) we went to friend’s for a birthday BBQ after we got the results instead!
  • Sunday :: Burgers – nope, we had a takeaway!

So this week:

Monday :: Marinaded chicken

Planning to choose one of the marinades from Recipe Tin eats here! They all sound great but I’m thinking I will go with the Korean one and do some rice with the dish!

Tuesday :: Hawaiian Chicken Bacon kebobs

I love the sound of this from Cafe Delites – I wouldn’t have thought to include strips of bacon on a kebab and I think the kids will love it!

Wednesday :: Sundried tomato chicken and pasta

OOhh this sounds like a brilliant way to use up my sundried tomatoes! I think Eatwell 101 have some cracking recipes so I have high hopes for this one!

Thursday :: Fajitas

You can’t beat a fajita kit can you? Old El Paso have a big family pack now too so that’s a WIN!

Friday :: Takeaway

Football training is over for a time now so we will be able to get a takeaway and watch a movie on a Friday again! WOOP!

Saturday :: Vegetable pasta

We will see how this goes down – I know the boys will enjoy it but I’m pretty confident Edith will act like I’m trying to poison her! This is from This Healthy Table.

Sunday :: Sunday Roast

I’ve been after one for a time and here we are! I’m planning one for this weekend!

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