Meal Plan 12/12

I may or may not have mentioned it on my socials but I have a rip roaring cold (I’ve mentioned/moaned about it. I’m dreadful with a head cold – honestly, hand on heart, I complained less with sepsis than I do with a snuffle ha!) ANYHOO! Yesterday Harriet was really helpful and prepped 3 portions of chilli con carne and a green thai curry so that the kids (or rather the younger two) would have something to take to school that was veg packed and hot, but today Harriet is in the frame of mind for easy things!

Let’s have a look at last week:

  • Monday :: Chicken, bacon & leek pie – everyone (but Edith) enjoyed this and it was really nice! I still have some in the freezer!
  • Tuesday :: Chicken tikka – delish!
  • Wednesday :: Veg soup – went down like a lead balloon!
  • Thursday :: Chilli con carne – one for everyone, it’s always a winner.
  • Friday :: Veg lasagne – didn’t have it in me, I left Adam to organise something for the kids.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – we didn’t actually have this! I was surprised we pre-bought pizza.
  • Sunday :: Green thai curry – they loved it.

So onwards to this week, I feel the pressure cooker will be in use a lot!

Monday :: Cajun Pasta

Cajun pasta is super easy and a winner in this house – I think I have cheese cheese, but if not I will just use some cream and cheese! From Kristine’s Kitchen Blog.

Tuesday :: Out!

We are heading to Disney on Ice this day and I can’t wait! I’m really hoping I am feeling much better as the last thing I want is to feel rotten and not enjoy it!

Wednesday :: Chicken Curry

You can find my chicken curry in my book here.

Thursday :: Shepherd’s pie

Something that I can send the kids to school with the following day as there will be lots left over as Adam and I are out for date night (or even to plonk in the freezer). This is from Savoury Nothings.

Friday :: End of term celebration

Not decided yet – we may do a table dump, a takeaway or even a beige buffet, though I usually save those for a few days before Xmas and then the in between bit!

Saturday :: Takeaway (or even out!)

It’s likely to be just me and Edith, Roo is at his first proper sleepover with mates I don’t know/haven’t arranged (SOBBBBB) and Adam & Tobes will be at football until 7/7.30ish.

Sunday :: Lasagne

It’s the last in my meal plans for the holidays (never meal plan holidays because I just will NOT stick to anything!) Something I know everyone will enjoy 🙂

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