Meal plan 11/11

Oh good lord last week was tits up wasn’t it? It was insanely busy and I think I only actually managed to stick to the wholemeal plan once, so I won’t even bother to round up for you because it would just cast a gleaming highlight over my utter incompetence at spinning plates last week!

On a separate note, how cold did it get? My heating is whacked right up, my toes are constantly chilly and I’m feeling the need for mucho mucho warmth, so with that in mind, here we are at week number whatever, organising dinners that I absolutely 100% have to stick to this week.

Monday :: Chicken Kievs & new potatoes

Actually requested by Reuben, so after he’s been having a tough week at school, I thought I would do this first thing in case Monday wasn’t any better for him. I’d love to say I’m going to be a goddess and make them, but I’m not, I’m going to buy them from the shop – however they aren’t hard to make and if you fancy giving it a go, try this recipe from Krumpli.

Tuesday :: Adobe Chicken with Rice

I first tried this when we were using Gousto Cooking and I ADORE it, it’s one of the best things we ever had from there and so yummy. Anyway, with that in mind, I wanted to try another recipe for it that I could also share with you. This recipe from Melanie Cooks looks amazing and very similar to what I have done before.

Wednesday :: Tuscan Chicken stew

This Tuscan chicken stew from Sweetpeas and Saffron looks amazzzzing. It’s ideal for our busy Wednesday when the kids are all at various clubs and we’re rushing about like crazy people.

Thursday :: Vegan Thai Red Curry

Honestly, this recipe from A Chef’s kitchen looks lush, and whilst the concept of it being vegan might put some off, I’m all here for it because unlike a lot of vegan food we have tried, this looks packed with the good stuff and just missing the meat.

Friday :: Take away

So for a few weeks we have been REALLY struggling with our “Friday night late nights” because of Toby’s football training. It means that him and his dad don’t get back until nearly 7pm and that is just a bit later for them all to be having tea, but we think we may well have just started to get the routine back… just…

Saturday :: Mongolian Beef

I keep meaning to try this and I swear I have put it on the blog a few times and it’s ended up falling on a day when I’ve been a bit… shit, and not stuck to what I have said I will HA! Anyway, here you go – this one from Dinner at the Zoo sounds laaaavvvly and hopefully I won’t flake out.

Sunday :: Frozen 2 Premiere!

I’m intensely excited that we are heading to the Frozen 2 premiere in London so we won’t be at home! YAASSSS!

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