Meal Plan 11/10

Guys, I’m poorly. I know. Prep the violin. It’s just a head cold, but it’s so rotten, all up in my sinuses and ouchy. It is not, however, the dreaded lurgey, so that is something.

Anyway, it started last week, I ignored it and by the weekend I was really unwell, which meant cooking dinner was ditched in favour of take aways and self pity ha!

Last week:

  • Monday :: Cottage Pie – yummers.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Tacos – everyone very much appreciated this!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken & broccoli cheesy bake – I loved this, I thought it was super comfort food but the kids didn’t like it! Not one!
  • Thursday :: Pad See Ew – delish, had it on Sunday, very easy when you’re ill!
  • Friday :: White chicken Lasagne – I was just too poorly!
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – take 2
  • Sunday :: Butternut soup – This was just what the dr ordered!

So on to this week – well, I still feel pretty crappy, so I planned to start easy for the week.

Monday :: Pie and Mash

Legit bought a pie, will make the mash and that is IT. I’m not sorry about it.

Tuesday :: Pressure Cooker Butter Chicken

So simple but so tasty – I’ve chosen this for Tuesday because I always feel a bit bleurgh on a Tuesday, so I think the banging this into pressure cooker and leave it to do its thang! Recipe from The Bettered Blondie.

Wednesday :: Creamy chicken in dijon sauce

This is going to be a winner, I’m sure of it! Mashed potatoes, carrots and beans – yum. This is from Modern Farmhouse Eats.

Thursday :: Tomato & spinach pasta with chicken

This recipe from Salt and Lavender sounds like a good one for a nice slab of garlic bread and some parmesan.

Friday :: Baked Tuscan chicken casserole

This is another chicken dish I’m really looking forward to! I’m going to serve this one up with boiled new potatoes and carrots… or maybe greens! This recipe is from Eat Well 101.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Teriyaki Turkey rice bowl

I’m always a bit on the fence with turkey mince, and this sounds like a good way to use it up since I never got round to doing the stuffed peppers. Recipe from Yellow Bliss Road.

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