Meal Plan 11/06

This week is sure going to be a short one for meal planning because we are all heading off in separate directions towards the end of it. This week Adam and Tobes are heading off to a football training camp in Spain on Wednesday, and then Edith and Reuben will be going away with their Grandparents for a long weekend so it will just be meeeeee! I’ll be honest, I plan meals for the family but I’m likely to eat next to nothing, loads of spicy stuff no one else will touch and a takeaway or two on an evening. Self care, who is she again?

Anyway, let’s have a look how last week’s meals went so you can decide if you want to do them for yourself:

  • Monday :: Coconut curry – this was lovely, really tasty and everyone ate it with a smile!
  • Tuesday :: Cheesy beef hash – honestly, I’m telling you – if you order a Hello Fresh or similar box then KEEP the recipe cards. Just lush and so easy to replicate.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Gyros – the boys all said these were lush.
  • Thursday :: Baked Potatoes – my fave of the week (which surprised me, but I’d forgotten how good baked potatoes are!)
  • Friday :: Riojo Fiesta chicken – I didn’t end up doing this! My period arrived and I’ve been about as much use as a concrete parachute all weekend.
  • Saturday :: Hibatchi chicken – also didn’t do this…
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast – surprise surprise I didn’t do this either.

So as we can see there was a steady but ferocious drop off in my meal productivity last week ha! New week and all that jazz.

Monday :: Spag Bol

Simple, easy and always a winner. I feel like you can cope with this even when it’s boiling hot, you know? Most hot foods when it’s too warm are a hard pass, but this is always a win.

Tuesday :: Chicken Curry from my book

Always a winner, always good for leftovers the next day. Adam and Toby are leaving in the middle of the night so this will make sure Tobes has a decent meal beforehand. You can buy my book here.

Wednesday :: Sheet pan fajitas

It gets a bit harder when it’s just me, Miss picky pants and the boy who will eat every veg going. I really struggle to find a balance for them! Fortunately, Fajitas tend to work – she just has chicken and cheese, he has her pepper. This is from The Lazy Dish.

Thursday :: Toasties

Yup – that simple. I will probably whip something out of the freezer for them to take to school as a larger lunch and then they will be able to have cheese and ham toasties for dinner.

Friday – Sunday – Anyone’s guess

I’ll be on my own so… will I eat, won’t I eat? Who knows. Will it be takeaway or nibbles? WHO KNOWS?!

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  1. Avatar September 5, 2022 / 9:55 am

    The sheet pan fajitas look amazing and it looks much easier than the mess and hassle of frying them which is what usually do!

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