Meal Plan 10/01

Welcome back! Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas – I can say hand on heart that you need to anticipate the month of Jan hosting a world of veg in these meal plans because I need to put some goodness back in my bod! I think we ate junk food solidly for a month and I’m not even sorry about it.

Monday 9th is my birthday so we’re starting this week with Tuesday 10th… because y’all know I had a takeaway!

Tuesday :: Mac n Cheese with pulled pork

Ok look, I know what I said about veg but I may have had some left over meat that I turned into shredded pork and it’s DELISH, so I wanted to chuck the last bits of it over something simple. Beside, Tuesday is always a harder day for me… shut up. This pulled pork recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen is lush!

Wednesday :: Creamy pesto chicken

This pesto chicken looks lush, I’m going to serve it with roasted veg and potatoes! From Eat Well 101.

Thursday :: Stuffed peppers

You could do any version of this but I love this one here on my blog.

Friday :: Ratatouille chicken stew

This is what I’m talking about! This is the veg levels I was aiming for and I think it’s going to be a complete winner for everyone… other than Edith, obvs. This recipe is from My Life Cookbook.

Saturday :: Thai coconut meatballs

A really easy one that I think everyone will enjoy – it’s a spin on meatballs I guess, mostly you would expect them to be Italian so I really enjoy these recipes! This one is from Shuangys Kithen sink.

Sunday :: White Chilli chicken

Often a fave and easy to do – this will be perfect for the kids taking leftovers to school tomorrow. This is from A Flavour Journal.

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