Meal Plan 09/12

You know how December sorta… slows down and productivity levels hit a VERY special low? Well, let that be a reason that this post is heading out today instead of yesterday like it would normally do…

So last week was a mixed bag:

  • Monday :: Cheater’s coq au van – Delicious and we all enjoyed it!
  • Tuesday :: Sailsbury meatballs – Let this forever be known as “the dinnertime from hell”. I spent AGES making these meatballs. AGES. And you know what I did? I dropped the pan ALL over the floor. So we had bangers and mash.
  • Wednesday :: Pesto cheese gnocchi – Edith adored it!
  • Thursday :: Butternut squash thai curry – butternut squash I bought in a bag came back to bite me on the arse and was just rubbish and mushy. I made the curry but with chicken!
  • Friday :: Take away – I actually had friends over so we had pasta and the grown ups had gin… I think we added pizza and cheesecake at some point.
  • Saturday :: Kids were out!
  • Sunday :: Friday night chinese takeaway…

So as I said, mixed bag. Anyway, on to this week…

Monday :: Spag Bol

Easy peasy and just something simple that I already had all the ingredients for… IT’S DECEMBER AND I’M BUSY!

Tuesday :: Fajitas Tray bake

I think it was impossible not to try this recipe when I discovered that the blog is called “Don’t go bacon my heart.” I have no doubt this will be superb based solely on that.

Wednesday :: Chicken Kiev with baby potatoes

Reuben requests this quite a lot and I’m always curious why he loves it so much. One day I’m determined to make my own, I know I can and they sure aren’t hard but for convenience this is a tesco jobby.

Thursday :: Chicken, broccoli & cheddar rice casserole

That’s a bit of a mouthful right? Well, anyway, it’s a tasty looking mouthful and we’re going to try it. We seem to be pretty meat heavy this week – or rather chicken heavy, but needs must. Recipe is from Table for Two blog.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Out out

Sunday :: Lasagne

I do love a good lasagne so I thought I would treat the family to one! I’m going to try this recipe here.

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    Shameemah Johaar
    December 11, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    I love your blog.

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