Meal Plan 09/05

I don’t know what it is about May but I always seem to have a … dip. Like I’m not really feeling very motivated, I’m constantly second guessing myself. It’s a right pain in the arse and I’m endeavouring to persevere and just get on with my day to day whilst ignoring this slump! So with that in mind, let’s look at the grub we’re going to shovel in our faces over the next week because heaven knows THAT will always improve my mood!

Quickly though, a recap:

  • Tuesday :: Hello Fresh meatballs – gosh this was bloody lovely! If you haven’t tried Hello Fresh then frankly I can’t recommend them enough.
  • Wednesday :: Hello Fresh chicken & garlic mash – another belter. The kid’s ate it all too (not the sauce, but the veg and chicken!)
  • Thursday :: Green Thai chicken – lush, and much nicer than when I use chicken breast, I think I’m a thigh convert for those occasions I plan to shred the chicken – it’s cheaper and has so much flavour.
  • Friday :: Bolognese pasta bake – this one was noooiiice, very simple and I didn’t use as much cheese because we didn’t have any!
  • Saturday :: Beans on Toast – classic win. Edith has cheese on toast as she doesn’t like beans… I know. I know.
  • Sunday :: Cottage pie – super easy and ideal for whacking in the pressure cooker. It’s made enough leftovers for the following day too!

So moving on to this week…

Monday :: Steak Pie

As requested by Adam, this will be the first Monday in an age where him and Toby haven’t gone off to football practice, so steak pie and chips to start the week for the win. Normally I do pressure cooker foods or easy to reheat meals so this will be lush – and I’m not going to make it myself, I’m going to buy it because I. Can’t. Be. Arsed!

Tuesday :: Chicken Bhuna

We love a curry, the kids are almost always guaranteed to eat it, including Edith so it’s an easy win. I haven’t tried them with a simply bhuna I don’t think, so we’re going IN. This one is from Flawless Food.

Wednesday :: Avocado Chicken salad with peanut dressing

Roo keeps asking me if I can make him salads, so I’m going to give this from Closet Cooking a go… will it go down well? Will it bollocks BUT I have some avocados I need to use up, I’m going to grab some chicken breasts for the grilling and wing it from there.

Thursday :: Feta pasta

This from Super Golden Bakes is a hot take from the Tiktok feta pasta that went viral last year. I’m very here for trying it in the slow cooker and I’m also going to puree the sauce so there are no bits etc for the kids to moan about before I add the pasta!

Friday/Saturday :: London

We’re heading off to London at the weekend, so this will probably be a mix of McDonald’s and the such!

Sunday :: White chilli Chicken

It’s so easy to bang in the slow cooker – Edith and I are out all day for a day with Grandma, so this will be an easy one to come home to and, as always, thinking of the simple lunch the next day with leftovers! Easy Chicken Recipes to thank for this one.

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