Meal Plan 08/11

Bit late to the party this week considering it’s 8pm on Monday, but as you can probably tell this past week has been a bit of a mess, and this week is set to be even busier with Toby’s birthday and lots of things planned. I haven’t been feeling myself lately to be honest, so eating hasn’t been a high priority – and let’s be frank, when eating isn’t a priority on my list, I’m really down in the dumps. But we move.

Let’s have a look at what we did last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Takeaway
  • Tuesday :: Chicken Burrito bowls – Edith moaned about this, but the boys absolutely devoured it.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Biryani – the kids did enjoy this one, it was simple and easy.
  • Thursday :: Mac N Cheese – a classic, I deliberately made too much of this, added it to the fridge and the kids have had it as next day leftovers with some Bolognese. Like a poor man’s lasagne.
  • Friday :: Bonfire night out
  • Saturday :: Pizzas – always a hit
  • Sunday :: Dinner out – we didn’t actually, a made a butternut squash and chickpea curry.

So what about this week?

Well, if there is something I’ve learned it’s that I have to be kind to myself and when everything is really hectic or I’m not feeling it, I can’t be stretching myself and trying to make delicious homemade meals every night. So this is what we will be having this week.

Monday :: Mini Pizzas and Picky food.

Chopped up cucumbers and fruits, mini pizzas and nibbles for the kids. Win!

Tuesday :: Meal out for Toby’s birthday!

Toby has chosen a local Indian of all places!

Wednesday :: Chicken Noodles

Attempt two at this beauty. Mainly because Toby saw it over my shoulder and requested I make it! This is from Don’t Go Bacon My Heart.

Thursday :: Toad in the Hole

Easy peasy and I have sausages in the freezer that I never got round to cooking. It’s also one of Toby’s faves! Here is a recipe from The Daring Gourmet.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Creamy Garlic Chicken

This just looks soooooo good. The recipe is from Chef Jar, it looks like something that everyone will enjoy, so I’m going to give it a go. I plan to serve with veg and potatoes!

Sunday :: Jacket potatoes with chicken curry from my book

A slightly different way to eat chicken curry but equally yummy! You can find the (extremely popular) recipe in my book – which is the perfect Christmas prezzie for any mum!

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