Meal Plan 08/06

Howdy! How are we all? Last week was such an overwhelming week for me, a time of reflection and learning, something that I hope continues on through the coming weeks.

Food wise it was the first time for a while that I wasn’t able to grab a lot of the integral parts of certain meals on the planner, so I had to do my best and think about what would work! This week however, STOP PRESS, I’ve only gone and managed to get a bloody Tesco delivery slot! Yes I have!! I was gobsmacked, didn’t expect it, but Tesco emailed me to tell me that they had more slots opened and I went on the app to find loads of today – huzzah!

So what was last week like foodwise:

  • Monday :: Vegetable Lasagne – It was immense, I loved it!
  • Tuesday :: Asado chicken with courgette – I couldn’t get any courgettes, really disappointing as it looks so yummy!
  • Wednesday :: Chicken Enchiladas – very tasty!
  • Thursday :: Huli huli chicken – I couldn’t find any pineapple, so I had to improvise. I used the rest of the ingredients to make a marinade, this pressure cooked the chicken, shredded it and mixed it into Uncle Ben’s Jambalaya rice. It was delish.
  • Friday :: Chicken Panang – couldn’t find any panang paste, so I did a green thai curry and we ate it on Tuesday instead of the Asdao. It was scrummy! Also, big up Asda’s prawn toast which was really yummy!
  • Saturday :: Prawn and sausage pasta – really tasty, 100% the one.
  • Sunday :: Mexican Rice and Mince – this was simple but tasty, it was a bit like a very rice heavy chilli con carne or a burrito filling without the wrap.

So this week I’m hoping I will have better luck with ingredients!

Monday :: Lentil Chilli con carne

I wanted to try a chilli con carne that was vegan/vegetarian and I’m drooling over this one! It looks really tasty and I will be able to put it into the pressure cooker for no fuss! Recipe is by Edhardt’s eat.

Tuesday :: Chickpea & spinach curry

This recipe from The Fiery Vegetarian sounds lush – I’ve been sceptical of cooking with chickpeas since the last time I over did it and we all ended up with terrible stomach ache, so I’m hoping this recipe is a good one!

Wednesday :: Adam’s birthday!

As it’s Adam’s birthday, I’m going to see what he fancies – might be a takeaway, might be his fave Lasagne, but we will see!

Thursday :: Stuffed chicken and new potatoes

This recipe from Slimming Eats looks really yummy! I’m not sure how the asapargus will go down, but everything else will be really popular I’m sure.

Friday :: Shakshuka

We’ve had shakshuka before and the boys really enjoyed it (so did I!) so we’re going to have it again now. This recipe is from Sim’s Home Kitchen and it looks lush! I would normally serve with crusty bread so I could get the kids to make loaves of bread for their homeschooling morning.

Saturday :: Chicken, mushroom and potato bake

Looks delish and really simple to make. I need to use potatoes in cooking more I think, I’ve really become very rice focused! Recipe is from Let The Baking Begin.

Sunday :: Cottage pie

Keeping on with the attempt to use a bit more potato this week instead of rice and pasta, I think we will finish off the week with a traditional cottage pie. It’s always really easy to do so I figured I could be lazy! This is from Saving room for Dessert but I will probably just do my own thing!

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