Meal Plan 07/02

So now that Jan is out of the way, Feb seems to be flying and, frankly, I’m here for that. I’ve booked us a cheeky little mini break in April and I can’t wait – not that I’m wishing the time away but MY GOD I have missed travel and I can’t wait to get back to it. I’m seriously considering something with the kids this Feb half term, but to be honest, UK travel (which it would need to be as Edie’s passport is in the process of renewal and they are slowwwww) is so spendy. I could do a mini break to Spain for the same price guys. Anyway, you came for food and I’m all about the hols – here is a run down of last week.

  • Monday :: Chicken Curry – went down a treat and using up leftover veg from the Sunday roast was actually really good because it added a buttery flavour!
  • Tuesday :: Carnitas pork – I did this later on in the week because the pork took WAYYYYY longer to cook than it should have but Reuben and Toby loved it, Toby said he liked it more than chicken! (I didn’t like it at all to be fair, neither did Edith)
  • Wednesday :: Out out – god it was SUCH a good night.
  • Thursday :: Peppered Steak – I did not end up doing this… my bad.
  • Friday :: Chicken Pasta bake – I also did not… I did not do this. Dammit.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – I DID do this!
  • Sunday :: Sunday Roast – we had a pizza from Morrisons. I… I mean the week wasn’t my finest, ok?

So let’s see if we can improve this week?

Monday :: Peppered Steak

Yep, I bought everything so I’m reusing the recipe! You can find it from The Magical Slow Cooker.

Tuesday :: Chicken Pasta Bake

Adam is actually out, so this works in my favour because he’s not keen on pesto… maybe I didn’t make this on purpose because subconsciously I’m a genius (this is not what happened). Recipe is Don’t Go Bacon My Heart.

Wednesday :: Chicken Tagine

Now this looks really yummy from Super Golden Bakes and I DO have some apricots in the cupboard that need using up!

Thursday :: Sausage and Mash

Simple, easy to make and one that I know they will all eat!

Friday :: Vegan Peanut curry

I will probably use the chicken I have from Fry’s in the freezer that is plant based for this, or I may use chicken if I have none left – but the sauce sounds lovely! This is from Six Feet Hungry.

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Lasagne

Makes a great leftover for school the next day usually, so that is always a winner for me! This recipe is from Delicious Mag.

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