Meal Plan 05/10

After last week I feel like if I never see another stew or soup in my life I will be delighted. I don’t know what it was but by the end of the week I was so sick of stews and soups, I had a few days where I just didn’t do the dinner very well and I felt thoroughly fed up.

Actually, that was the theme of last week: thoroughly fed up. Maybe it was something to do with the moon, we’re all made of water and the moon affects the tides etc so… maybe it affects me? Can you tell I’m looking for a reason for my distress and general foul mood last week?!

Ok, so let’s look back at the food:

  • Monday :: Old El paso pockets – loved them, we followed the recipe and then the next day I used some chicken enchilada rice I had frozen the week before for the kid’s lunches.
  • Tuesday :: Chicken curry noodle soup – I cocked this up. I wanted to use my pressure cooker but thought ‘sod it, I’ll throw the noodles in’ and then remembered I needed to go get Edith. FAIL. I ended up with mushy, gross noodles. Adam loved it but I was so disappointed.
  • Wednesday :: Beer braised chicken – this looked nothing like the pictures and it was a let down to be honest. I’m not sure what I did wrong!
  • Thursday :: Chicken stew – also a let down, it was just boring.
  • Friday :: Mulligan stew – I couldn’t face it and we ended up having a late night stir fry whilst the kids had pasta.
  • Saturday :: Takeaway – we did and I loved it!
  • Sunday :: Lasagne soup – no one liked it – one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten. Nothing to do with the recipe it was just… weird. Adam said ‘Was this meant to be lasagne and you messed it up so it’s soup…?’ HA!

So moving on to this week:

Monday :: Chicken fajita bake

This looks so yummy, I have a load of sweet potatoes left over from last week so I’m going to make sweet potato wedges. Recipe from Seeking Good Eats.

Tuesday :: Spag Bol

Classic, simple… and I will not put the pasta into the dish whilst I collect Edith from ballet!

Wednesday :: Chicken Divan

This makes me chuckle. My mum used to feed me this ALL the time and lied to me about how she discovered the recipe – according to her it was her own magnificent creation, from the depths of her culinary soul called Chicken in Bed… turns out its a super well known meal called chicken divan and she is full of shit haaaa! *wonders if my kids would be as gullible as I was… and what recipe to say I invented?* Recipe is from The Salty Marshmallow.

Thursday :: Aloha Chicken rice

Now I know we have tried something like this, or at the very least I’ve had it on the meal planner before, but I can’t remember it that well and I think this would be a nice little change! Recipe is from Family Fresh Meals.

Friday :: Garlic chicken Mac n Cheese

Kitchen Sanctuary is a fave of mine and this sounds like exactly the kind of thing Toby needs in his belly after football training! Lush!

Saturday :: Takeaway

Sunday :: Creamy Chicken Potato Bake

One we have had before and LOVED! Kitchen Sanctuary again!

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