Meal Plan 04/11

Heyyyyy, did everyone survive half term? Of course we did! I explained over on instagram that I never really do meal plans in the kid’s holidays because, well, you can guarantee I won’t stick to them. I will make a wild decision to go somewhere or the kids will eat all the food in the house like a pack of wild animals… anyway, I tend not to bother in the hols.

So with that in mind I have little to report on last week’s eating habits other than, yes, they were 90% sweet based because it was halloween! In case you were curious the other 9% was pizza and 1% veg/fruit… all of which was spread in on the pizza base in the form of tomato.

Anyhoo, let’s gloss over last week and the spotty scene it has brought to my mush with it’s lack of nutritional value and launch into the wonderful world of this week.

Monday :: Fish Fingers with stuffed peppers

Because I have had it on the meal plan for weeks and it’s become my bogey meal – Toby loves it, I promise him it and then something crops up. There are around 40 fish fingers in the freezer just WAITING to shine, so today will be the day.

Tuesday :: Spag Bol

My Mum's spaghetti bolognese recipe via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I’m not here, so I am going to produce this and threaten everyone that if I come back and they have ordered take away or just randomly eaten something else, I will lynch them. Plus I will be home shortly after dinner, possibly before, so if this is in the slow cooker, it’s the ideal opportunity for me to save a £10 and have dinner at home.

Wednesday :: Sausages and Mash

Also out for the majority of the day but likely to be at home for when the kids come home post-afterschool club, so the chances are that this will be a nice easy 25min dinner and something that everyone loves.

Thursday :: Thai Butternut squash soup

CURVEEEEE BALLL! Remember I said that a good 4/5 of my family hate soup? And that my mum, who comes over for dinner every night, hates butternut squash? Well. I’m hoping that they will do what they all did with the chicken noodle soup I made a few weeks back and really enjoy it for a significant portion until the realisation that it was soup kicked in and they could only taste the bitterness of betrayal. As for mum, I know here dislike for butternut squash is because its sweet, so I’m hoping that as this has lots of warming spices and that punchy thai flavour, she might enjoy it more than she expects.

Friday :: Take away

Saturday :: Out OUT

Tale the kids to Disney on Ice and it’s Toby’s birthday so we will be out out for this one!

Sunday :: Sunday Roast beef

I just thought that it would be nice to have something a little different and who doesn’t love a Sunday Roast? Plus, it’s a chance to get back into the swing of things before I’m cooking a mahoosive Xmas dinner! This recipe is lush!

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