Meal Plan 03/08

Well. This week was an absolute shambles when it comes to dinners so I’m going to confess, of the bat, that I have VERY little to review. This always bloody well happens during the summer hols, we get busy, we go out and then we eat out or we are just too knackered. I usually stop the meal planner over summer for this reason, but with lockdown it seemed sensible to keep going!

Anyway, let me review what I can, there are a couple of overlaps next week…

  • Monday :: Peruvian chicken – I was so excited to try this one and we ended up not having it… I can’t even remember why… we were out maybe? Ahh, yes, the kids were out and stayed at my in laws so there was no point doing it for just me and Adam.
  • Tuesday :: Bruschetta chicken – another one we didn’t have. My mother in law came to help us with the garden (she has done the most amazing things with it!) and we ended up being so busy we didn’t realise what time it was.
  • Wednesday :: Chicken meatballs – we did have this but on Thursday instead and I can confirm it was really yummy. Everyone ate it, especially the meatballs, without complaint!
  • Thursday :: Fish finger burrito – We didn’t eat this so I have actually moved it on to this week!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – I mean, we sort of did but didn’t. I took the kids to Aysgarth falls and we didn’t leave until around 4pm so I bought them fish and chips on the way home.
  • Saturday :: Beef stir fry – Ok, I fully intended to do this but the kids pointed out that we hadn’t had a chinese takeaway in weeks (used to do it weekly) and that they really wanted one, so we went for it!
  • Sunday :: Lasagne – I couldn’t put this on the list and not stick to it, Adam would be gutted. It was super yummy!

So on to this week which we will hopefully stick to a bit better. Just to let you know, this week I collaborated with a supermarket who sent me a box of mystery food, so I’ve built the meal plan this week around whatever was in the box on some days. This isn’t a part of the collaboration in any way, shape or form, but I hate to think of food being wasted! As you will probably know, I tend to build a meal planner and *then* order my food because it’s easier and makes life a bit more cost effective, BUT you can always shop the discounted sections to get the very best value or order a mystery box and build meals around those products!

Monday :: Fish Finger Burrito

The boys were really looking forward to this so I decided that we should just push it back to tonight! It is from Buzzfeed.

Tuesday :: Aloo Gobi

Ahh a classic veggie meal! I’m not sure how this will go down with everyone to be honest, but everyone *does* like cauliflower and potato so they should enjoy it. By request I will be making ‘yellow rice’ (pilau) for Edith! I really ought to try and make tricolour rice, she would lose her tiny mind! This recipe is from Slimming eats – you might remember a few weeks ago I tried the chicken dopiaza recipe they created and it was HEAVEN so I’ve got high hopes for this.

Wednesday :: Chicken chimichangas

Ok, if you’re a part of my instagram community, then you will know that I use Old El Paso sets a lot, we’re big fans of enchiladas and fajitas, but I’ve never really tried chimichangas! This is really ‘me’ with the shredded chicken, so I’m giving this recipe from The Chunky Chef a go.

Thursday :: Honey garlic roasted carrots with Lamb chops

This looks lush, and I know it might sound a bit heavy, but I really think that it’s going to be a tasty one and I might even be able to get Edith to polish off some carrots without whinging. Lol, no I won’t but I can dream. This recipe is from Diethood – it’s not my intention to use recipes that are especially slimming based but sometimes they just happen to be bloody lovely and here we are.

Friday :: Pizza (as requested by Toby!)

Saturday :: Meatballs with broad beans and lemon

This looks unusual, and the last time I did broad beans was when the kids had been out picking them – I just did them plain and they hated them, so I thought I would give them another go in this meal. Meatballs are a fave of Toby’s so hopefully he will like this too! Recipe is from The Happy Foodie.

Sunday :: Honey Sriracha pork cutlets

I think this sounds like a really different and yummy way to eat pork cutlets. I’m usually not a pork gal, so I thought these with some stir fried veg noodles would be AMAZING. I’m excited for it to be honest! This is by Sidewalk Shoes.

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