Meal Plan 02/11

Well… return of the lockdown is upon us guys. I really feel like Boris took the trick in trick or treat a bit far this Halloween, though perhaps had he treated us to a proper leadership and efficiency, we might not have needed a secondary lockdown. Regardless, we have one.

I’m feeling worse than last time if I’m honest. I feel agitated and anxious, I rather enjoyed certain aspects of lockdown the first time around with the homeschooling and routine I worked hard to create for us all, and I think that is because I HAD to keep going and doing. This time, the kids will be at school so it’s really just… lockdown that… isn’t. I’m also keenly aware that we had a lot of things go tits up behind the scenes here and it’s a source of deep anxiety for me. So… comfort food is on the agenda!

I’m not really going to do much of a round up for our eating habits over the half term other than to say they were utterly dire and I should probably consider myself lucky I’ve been taking vitamins because it is 100% the only source of nutrition I have had all week…

So let’s move swiftly on to this week and the reintroduction of veg to my diet!

Monday :: Roasted Veg Lasagne

I did say we hadn’t eaten many veggies! The recipe is from Family Style Food.

Tuesday :: Slow Cooker Asian Shredded beef

Now this looks lovely and I have a really large piece of beef that I need to use up, plus a snazzy new pressure cooker to make use of! I found this recipe on 5 Dollar Dinners.

Wednesday :: Pumpkin Baked pasta with sage sausage

Ok, I’m not doing the sage sausage, I have a couple of packets of leek and pork sausage that I’m going to use and I’ve cup up the pumpkins we had out front to freeze and use whenever we are ready. This recipe is from Vodka & Biscuits.

Thursday :: Chicken Curry

I have a paste that I need to use up and a couple of cans of coconut milk – throw some naan into the mix and voila! Curry night!

Friday :: Takeaway

No football training means we can move movie night back on to a Friday night!

Saturday :: Shepherd’s Pie

Simple and comforting from Spaceships & Laserbeams. Just what we need. Also great for next day lunches or freezing ready for the next week.

Sunday :: Country Chicken Pie

From Homes to Love, this is one of those warmers that I just know isn’t going to have any leftovers! YUM.

H x

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