Meal Plan 01/06

We had a nice break last week, from homeschooling especially – it was meant to be half term after all so we just took a little bit of time to step back and have some relax time together and get out in the glorious sunshine. I have to be honest and say that whilst all this lovely weather is going on, I think I might take the homeschool classroom on a bit of a road trip and just set up a picnic blanket somewhere remote. We will see, if we could just get the bloody garden sorted so it doesn’t resemble a building yard it would be so much better! At least we still have a garden and a little bit of space.

Anyway, let’s have a recap of last week shall we?

  • Monday :: Creamy chicken stuffed peppers – I thought these were lovely, Edith had a meltdown, even Toby who is usually a pepper lover wasn’t impressed. I really did think they were lovely but I can’t stand the waste!
  • Tuesday :: Cuban Picadillo – this was lush, it was very similar in taste to chilli con carne.
  • Wednesday :: Aloha chicken – this just didn’t work out for us at all, it was nothing like the pictures, really dark and salty from the soy sauce… I don’t know what I did wrong!
  • Italian Sausage & aubergine parmesan – absolutely glorious, though I’ve come to the realisation that 12 sausages is no longer enough for the 6 of us as the boys and Edith are always asking for more! I also expected a lot of drama over the peppers and onions but there really wasn’t any!
  • Friday :: Takeaway – we went with pizza again. I don’t see the point in ordering from the chinese that is open because, whilst it’s ok food, it’s not really great and would just be subject to moans from mum and the kids – I get that without spending £50.
  • Saturday :: Bang bang fish tacos – These were lovely! Just something a little different.
  • Sunday :: N’duja pasta – I couldn’t, for the life of me, find any n’duja pesto in town! We ended up having a different pasta meal!

Let’s have a look at this week!

Monday :: Vegetarian Lasagne

I’m really keen to grab some more veggies for us this week, so I’m kick starting the week with a vegetable lasagne. This recipe from The Cook Report looks yummer!

Tuesday :: Asado Chicken & Sauteed Courgettes

Look, they call it zucchini in this recipe but I’m not about that life (yes, I know it’s the American term for it, but I’m putting it back to courgette!) This looks so yummy, for the rest of the family I’m going to add in some potatoes because it’s a bit lacking on the carb front. Recipe is from Eat Well 101.

Wednesday :: Chicken Enchiladas

This is a recipe that is a bit different to my usual chicken enchiladas, from Plays well with butter. If looks so yummy and I’m absolutely going to have a go at making that ancho chilli sauce!

Thursday :: Huli Huli Chicken skewers

It’s been ages since I’ve cooked proper skewers, so I’m going to give this a go, it looks so yummy. The recipe is from Chef de Home I’ll serve with rice – probably a vegetable rice (from Uncle Ben!)

Friday :: Thai Chicken Panang

WELL. I hadn’t discovered Curry Trail before but now I’m so here for it. I love the sound of this, it sounds really refreshing and yummy – going to grab some asian snacks like prawn toast and spring rolls to go with it.

Saturday :: Cajun prawn & sausage pasta

I’ll do a portion for Adam without prawns as he really hates sea food, but this looks and sounds lush. Recipe is from What’s in the Pan.

Sunday :: Mexican Mince and Rice

This recipe from My kids lick the bowl doesn’t look like the prettiest BUT I think it’s exactly the kind of thing my kids will devour. We seem to be eating a lot of rice at the moment (unheard of when I was on my obsessive weight watching 5-6 years ago) and everyone seems to really enjoy it. Maybe next week I will try to mix it up a bit!

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