Make your own yoghurt with Easiyo!

I came across this fab product back in 2012 when I visited The Baby Show. I instantly loved it as, at the time, Reuben would eat through carton after carton of yoghurt and I could not keep up with him!

Easi-yo Yoghurt Maker

Anyone who has ever tried to make their own yoghurt will know it can be a real effort, and requires time and patience. This is something that the fantastic minds over as Easiyo have sorted out for us! Hooray!

Easiyo have created a yoghurt maker that can give you delicious, luxury yoghurt in 3 easy steps. It is so easy and involves nothing more than the easiyo satchets and water! You leave the maker for 6 – 12 hours so can make it before bed and voila you have yoghurt for breakfast! Honestly, once you have started, you will never lose the desire to make your own yoghurt!

Starter kits in a variety of colours

The other great thing about the yoghurt maker is it comes in a range of colours so you can choose one that will complement your kitchen! Easiyo are so fab they have even designed starter kits that give you everything you could possibly need to get started, so you don’t have to buy things separately (although you may find you want an extra jar for making more than just one load of yoghurt at a time… we have about 5!).

My final thought on the Easiyo yoghurt maker, is the savings it will bring you. You know those little pots of yoghurts that you buy for the kids (Roo had a phase where yoghurt had to be in one of them or it was a no go) and for work? With Easiyo those pots will cost you roughly 10p and we’re talking 10p of super healthy, pro-biotic, protein packed goodness!!

You buy can the Easiyo starter set and additional sachets and hardware in several major stores now or direct online. There is such a variety of flavours to suit all tastes, including low fat, extra creamy, organic and with bits (my personal favourite has to be the Greek ‘n’ Coconut flavour – its divine!).

Harriet x

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