Ideas for entertaining children at weddings

Ideas for entertaining children at weddings via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Balloon faces, bubbles and more were just a part of the kids fantastic entertainment bucket. Photo credit: R. Preston

Last weekend we were at my children’s godparent’s wedding. The whole thing from start to finish was magical and my beautiful friend Kate made sure there was a tonne of stuff for kids to do, that woman is a whizz at entertaining children at weddings and other big functions, so her own was no exception. From connect four during and football outside, to the table entertainment – everyone had a blast and for two people who don’t have kids yet, they really put some thought into how to do things.

I asked Kate if I could write a piece about her table entertainments for kids, they were fantastic and I think if every wedding did this then there would be no fear from parents of young children about bringing the kiddos along.

On every table there was a bucket (as in sand and spade bucket) for each child, just brimming with goodies. There was a character mask (Toby got a blue mouse and Roo got a tiger), a disposable camera, an I spy sheet with instructions of what to take pictures of for the older kids, a balloon face kit with stickers to add to your balloon to make a face, a colour book with crayons and stickers, a packet of mini biscuits to nibble, a fruit roll up to indulge in and a bottle of bubble mixture to enjoy.

All of these things came home with the boys and they are still playing with them – oh what fun we’ve had! Not to mention Kate and Mike will be treated to some wonderful photos from the digital cameras that all the kids collected.

If you are planning any kind of occasion where children will be expected to sit down, then you might want to think about doing something like this.

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  1. Avatar August 3, 2015 / 3:41 pm

    How lovely! We had a very laid back wedding and we set up a table and chairs for the kids, complete with a variety of games, toys and crayons and paper so that there was something for even the youngest attendees. When we got to the venue, our flowergirls were already playing at the table, and in the evening we found several of the adult guests playing with the games! I think it’s so important to provide space and entertainment for all guests, as weddings are long days and the bride and groom as so busy that you can go most of the day without having chance to talk, can’t you?

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