Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day from Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

During our first ever family holiday back in May 2013. The boys had such a blast and Reuben spent a lot of the time with his Daddy as Toby was only just 6 months old.

To all of the wonderful Dads out there, I would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Today my boys will be enjoying a multi generation day with not only their wonderful Daddy but also their Pops (Adam’s father) who will be celebrating his birthday today as well as Father’s Day!

I also wanted to say to all of the single Mama’s out there who maybe don’t have a father figure in their child’s life for one reason or another, Happy Father’s Day to you too. I grew up in a single parent household, and my Mum was not only a wonderful Mother, but she also took on the role of Father too. Never forget the impact you will have on your child’s life through your love and dedication to them, and never allow anyone to make you feel that you aren’t filling those roles. You are.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies, step-daddies, father figures and Mums filling both role. You rock.

Harriet x

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