Halloween Half term bucket list

It’s next week! I’m actually dead excited (get it) for this half term, I’ve got lots and lots planned, not to mention that I really do love this time of year. It’s fun, it’s spooky and it usually comes with less stress than Christmas (though I swear I adore Christmas).

I thought I would put together a little bucket list – things that we’re planning to do, some free, some not! Let’s gooooo!

  • Pumpkin picking – obvs the top of the list. We’ve chosen to go to Spillmans Farm this time, the kids asked to go back to a place we went to just outside of Thirsk last year but it wasn’t as good as I hoped and this is meant to have lots of stalls, activities and more. It should be a pretty full morning!
  • Pumpkin carving – of course.
  • Eating pumpkin soup whilst watching a spooky movie outside – I have a projector I grabbed from Amazon! We have watched a movie outside before but this time we will have some cosy soup, big socks and hot water bottles!
  • Harry potter forbidden forest – this is in Cheshire so I appreciate it might not be the one for everyone, but it’s on our list and I can’t WAIT! I’ll be sharing on instagram, but it’s the forbidden forest set up at Arley Hall & Gardens.
  • Trick or treating – Edith has talked about this none stop! We’ve made plans to go with friends and enjoy a bit of fun together!
  • Tell ghost stories in a homemade den – super fun and keeps them entertained for hours making the den, playing in there and then telling spooky stories!
  • Apple bobbing – such fun, the kids love it! Easy to do in a big sink if you have one or bucket outside to minimise mess!
  • Bake apple or pumpkin somethings – yum!
  • Have a spooky breakfast together – delicious and when there is no rushing around a family breakfast can be easier than getting everyone together for a family meal at dinner! Pumpkin cinnamon rolls.
  • Make some paper bats to decorate the house – super cute and easy to make, you just need some black card and a bat shape.
  • Cinema date – can’t beat them and with Rons Gone Wrong and Addams family 2 out, it’s a great time to go!

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