Halloween 2020 :: COVID friendly

Halloween is one of my faves times of the year, I love the way we all get cosy, I love the movies we watch (I’m talking Hocus Pocus here people, if I try to watch proper horror movies I won’t sleep!) and the sweets, the joy… I love it.

I’m also a big fan of pumpkins – bring me pumpkins ALL DAY ERR DAY. They are so pretty and you can find so many different types! Of course, as much of a fan of Halloween as I am, I recognise that this year there will be even less festivities than there usually are here in the UK (and babes, we’re shit at Halloween at the best of times).

There is likely to be no Halloween party for the kids with their school, certainly no trick or treating this year (not that we could do too much anyway as it’s pretty crap where we live) and it’s just all a bit sad. As I write this there are talks of a two week circuit break with coronavirus spoiling everything left, right and centre, so that would mean more or less everything shutting down and even pumpkin carving with friends and family going off the table. So how to celebrate or make the most of Halloween during COVID.

Treat it like Easter!

So you can’t trick or treat, never mind – have a Halloween hunt! There are loads of great little treats in the shops, mini pumpkin chocolates, mini eyeballs, goo creme eggs. Grab a load and dot them around the house, set out clues on creepy printable paper (or just write them, whatever) and have some fun! The kids will still enjoy it and you can stay home and stay safe.

Cosy up and watch Halloween movies together!

Nothing is as fun as curling up and watching Halloween movies with your sweets – there are so many fun movies. I’ve popped together a list here.

Have a Halloween Buffet

Well shit, chances are you have nothing else to do – if this two week circuit breaker thing comes off then we will all be stuck in, so why not make the most of it. If you like baking with your kids, make some stuff, if not, you can buy loads of themed things. I have a few suggestions here!

Have a little party with Halloween activities

I love the suggestions on this post from Clarks Condensed, they have so many great ideas! I’m especially a fan of the pin the spider on the web idea because there is no effort. See also, me being a lazy moo!

Have a kitchen disco with some Halloween music

Just don’t do what I did at the Halloween party for school one year and whack on any old Halloween playlist – let’s just say there was a lot of swearing and I was persona non grata for a time. I mean, actually if it’s just you guys at home, it’s up to you!

Halloween printables for keeping them quiet

Fancy just putting your feet up and reading a book or something whilst they are entertained? Well you probably won’t get more than half a cup and a few chapters (lol, a chapter max) but these colouring sheets from Itsy Bitsy Fun are great, alternatively you could try Halloween printable kids games from Over the big moon. MUM TIP: type “free halloween printables for kids” into pinterest and you will never regret it!

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