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I’ve told you all a few times that I really love to cook. For me, the issue is usually time. Be that time to go out and get the ingredients, time to order the ingredients and not pay though the nose because I didn’t meal plan, time to meal plan so we don’t eat the same things over and over or time to cook something different. I’m forever falling out with time.

 Last month I worked with Gousto and I shared this on Instagram, shortly after becoming a customer myself. Gousto is phenomenal. They don’t just offer really delicious food in a box with recipe cards, top notch ingredients that is all perfectly measured. They offer time. They offer something different and an easy way to meal plan, which in turn saves me money on shopping for food that I wasn’t going to cook. Their ingredients are fresh, their recipes wholesome and their meal cards so fool proof that I’m going to do a YouTube video of Adam cooking one to PROVE that anyone can. Call it the Adam vs Gousto cooking challenge… As if that isn’t enough to give you an incentive to try, then know that Gousto (unlike loads of other subscription boxes) uses 100% British meat, sustainable fish and free-range eggs. Speaking of subscription, you can order as a one off to try the serveice before you sign up and once you sign up, you can cancel boxes, adjust dates, pause your subscription indefinitely – all for no extra costs and you won’t be charged for anything you don’t receive. It’s a big bonus for myself and a lot of people to know that what I’m eating has been sourced responsibly. Lastly, vegan (plant based), dairy free and gluten free – it’s all in the every day meal options – all 24 weekly recipes and the delivery is free 7 days a week.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m not happy with my body at the moment and although I love it for all it has given me, I want to change it. I want to feel healthy once again. Now I can go about this how I used to: crash dieting, denying myself the foods that I love and the food that I really fancy in a feeble attempt to shun all but kale and despair, or I can give up pointless New Year’s resolutions (remember I wrote about goals and NOT resolutions!) and use Gousto to help me in my quest to get healthy and feel good again.

On Monday I headed down to London and went to Gousto’s Good Living kitchen where they shared with us a host of new dishes that have been added to their site as part of three new ranges: Boost & Balance, Plant based and Fine Dine In.

Boost and Balance is the one that has peaked my interest the most out of these ranges for one veg simple reason: I am terrible at balancing food. I have too much of one thing (actually, I love grub so I stuff my FACE and have too much of everything) and not enough of another to make a balanced meal. Ultimately I won’t be able to help myself, yes lose weight but also feel that vibrant healthy feeling that I had before I fell pregnant with Edith, if I don’t bring balance back into my diet.

 As for plant based, this is another area I would like to explore. After Veganuary was such a big thing at the beginning of the year it got me thinking – a week long vegan experience for the WHOLE family might help us work out whether vegan IS something we could incorporate into our diets more, especially with a whole host of health benefits. I’m not saying that we would become vegans although but I’m very much of the mind that vegans eat spinach, nuts and thin air which is simply not true and I’d like to prove to myself that it is absolutely possible to feed a family on vegan fare AND enjoy it. It would also go a hella long way to helping me shove some vitamins back into this bod. I just don’t eat enough veg!!

Lastly, their Fine Dine In range. You know those date nights that you promise each other you are going to have and then the kids go to bed and you just think…. ugh, we’ll order pizza. Well STOP and think: Gousto. The new fine dine in range is something a little extra special, something different and tasty but with the added luxury that you probably would t have it every meal. Am I going to lose weight using this range? No, probably not, but I am going to enjoy a romantic meal win my husband in our house without having to go out. I might even chuck a dress on and get fancy. Sex *could* be on the offing… maybe.

 I’m not trying to persuade you to try it if you have already made up your mind not to, but from £2.98 per serving and with HUGE portions I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of those things that I think you will most likely be sceptical about, unsure that it’s worth the dollar and wondering why you wouldn’t just go to Aldi, but as an Aldi shopper, I can tell you for a fact the ingredients are higher quality than super market ingredients (think Deli or butchers) with the same price tag as the supermarket. It’s not a replacement for your take outs, it’s a replacement for the bulk of your weekly shop in my opinion.

If you do want to try it, you can do so at 50% off your first two boxes. So for £1.49 per serving you can both have (or as a family) an amazing meal, delivered for free and ready to go… you’d be mad not to right?

 Use the code INF18 to claim the discount on your first two boxes.

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