Not glowing in pregnancy yet? Me neither! The perfect organic self tan for pregnant women!

Organic self tan from Green People via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

This organic self tan by Green people is wonderful. I haven’t really experienced that pregnancy glow as of yet, and I feel that this is just the ticket, and thanks to the organic nature of the product, I don’t have to worry about chemicals or anything harmful.

I haven’t really experienced that pregnancy glow in this pregnancy, not yet anyway. A few friends seem to think I’m glowing, but I honestly think they are being more generous than truthful. I don’t know if it is because it’s summer and everyone seems to be getting that delightful sun kissed glow while I seem to be staying pale and pasty!

The thing is that whatever you put on your body is absorbed into the skin and then into the bloodstream which means that it makes it’s way to baby. So what you can actually use on your skin is pretty limited and unfortunately the majority of self tans are filled with chemicals that could be harmful to baby.

That’s when I found out about┬áthe fabulous organic self tan from Green People.

It is 89% certified organic and is absolutely divine! What I really loved about the product was that it was easy to apply, didn’t streak and smelt lovely. I didn’t have to boil myself (or baby) in the sun and I didn’t have to worry about being burnt (which is a common problem during pregnancy!)

The tanning comes from DHA which is derived from sugar so is totally natural, not only that this self tan doesn’t dry your skin but leads your skin feeling super soft without the chemical smell.

If you are looking for a self tan during pregnancy, or want a fantastic non streak version that smells wonderful and has no chemicals, then this is the one for you to get that summer glow!

You can treat yourself (or a loved one!) by visiting the wonderful Green People site here.

Harriet x

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