What Giving to Charity can do for you

Do you know what giving to charity can do for you?
Giving to charity offers us an opportunity to help those who need it most, but did you know that doing your bit for a good cause could have an impact on you too? Sometimes it pays to be good…keep reading to find out what the act of giving can do for you…

You can help make a difference
Let’s face it – there is a lot going on all over the world right now, and in fairness a lot of it is pretty shitty… You only need to turn on the TV or read a newspaper to see the devastating situations that so many people are having to deal with on a daily basis and at that point, you can’t help but check your privilege can you? It’s only natural to want to do something, but being far away can leave you feeling like anything you do try to do will go into admin costs and not a lot else.

The good news is, there are so many charity organisations that give you the opportunity to make a difference even if you feel like you’re miles away from the problem itself. For example, you could make a monetary donation. Whether you make a one off payment or sign up for regular contributions, giving money to charity is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help. It’s possible to make religious donations too if you are that way inclined – for example, you could give Zakat to Human Appeal which is a charity that accepts contributions online.

It can make you feel good
While doing your bit for charity can significantly benefit those who need it most, selflessly giving to a good cause could make you feel good too. Giving can have a positive impact on you, regardless of whether you dedicate some of your time to volunteering, you make a generous monetary contribution online or you donate your unwanted belongings to a charity shop. It can be incredibly rewarding, and it could even make you realise just how lucky you are, shaping you into a more grateful, understanding person.

It gives you the opportunity to have fun
To some extent, giving to charity is a very serious matter. However, there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun while you’re raising money and increasing awareness for a good cause. There is a wide range of exciting charity projects you could get involved with. For example, you could take part in an organised sports event, such as a fun run or bike ride, or if you think you’re ready for a challenge, you could even sign up for an adventure overseas, like a mountain climb or jungle trek. Alternatively, you might want to hold your own charity fundraiser. For instance, you could organise a raffle or bake sale at work and encourage your colleagues to join in.

There’s no denying that giving to charity is a fantastic way to help those in need, and doing your bit for a good cause could be extremely rewarding for you too.

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