Getting ready for Toby’s 3rd Birthday & the best gifts for Dinosaur lovers

Birthday gifts for dinosaur lovers via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

It’s Toby’s 3rd Birthday in just over two weeks and we are getting all geared up to make sure he has a great day. I love this time of year because Toby’s birthday really sets off Christmas, what with our annual visit to Center Parcs winter wonderland to celebrate his birthday and begin Christmas by visiting Santa, it’s really the beginning of a happy, festive period for all of us to enjoy together.

When Roo was little I was desperate for him to like dinosaurs and knights in shining armour but he had no interest whatsoever in either. I just loved dinosaurs as a child, so when Toby suddenly started to show an interest I was capped! Especially hearing a little voice trying to say Dilophosaurus.

We have gone dino crazy for Toby’s birthday this year – not forgetting to chuck in some Paw Patrol, obvs – and I can’t wait to see his little face, here are my favourite gifts for dinosaur lovers (some are aimed at older children than Toby, but we like to buy things he can grow with):

Schleich Dinosaur figures

I love Schleich, yes it’s pricey but you do pay for what you get and you can’t get better quality. I think Toby just about has all the dinosaurs now, excluding one or two of the big ones, because they are considered his ultimate treat. They even trump chocolate.

The DinoStory Rock Orchestra album.

If you pay a visit to YouTube and search for HowdyTunes, you will come across the DinoStory Rock Orchestra videos. Songs like “I’m a pterodactyl” and “Brachiosaurus” are burnt into my memory, to the point where I have been known to sing then when I’m on my own. Toby adores this music and I do love to hear his little voice singing “brachiosaurus! He has a long neck!”

Dinosaur crayons

We’re planning on doing this for Toby’s party bags, I adore these shaped crayons, such a sweet idea and great for encouraging the crafty side.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica pop up book

This is probably the most intricate book I have ever bought, and it is worth every penny. I have to say we’re not sure Toby is going to be ok with it as it really is something of a work of art and should be treated very delicately – a skill Mr T lacks. The plan here is for this to before a ‘shelf book’ that we can get down and look at together, but that he can’t ‘play with’ alone. I’m really hoping this book lasts because I’d like to see it passed down to future generations.

An illustrated dinosaur encyclopaedia

No dinosaur collection is complete without a guide is it? Any self-respecting dino fan needs an encyclopaedia to catalogue his ‘pets’ and to learn about all the important stuff… Like why a pterodactyl isn’t a dinosaur, or how the T-Rex and stegosaurus never met because they were alive in different times. It’s probably worth pointing out that I have added ‘dino expert’ to my CV and media packs. Just in case.

Dino digging set

These are so much fun for kids, they are messy, you get to bash and break stuff PLUS you get a dino toy at the end! Hello!


Personalised Dinosaur keepsake card

This is so such a sweet handmade gift for your child to cherish for the rest of their lives. It acts as a hand illustrated, personalised card and then once the birthday celebrations are over it can be framed as a beautiful piece of art work for your child to treasure.

Dinosaur dress up outfits for imaginative play time

I am smitten with these dress up dinosaur costumes from Time to Dress Up and I’ve ordered a few of them for exactly that reason! What could be better if you love dinosaurs than becoming one?!

So that’s it, my guide to the best dinosaur gifts for kids. If you’re planning to indulge your little dino lover, you can’t go wrong here.

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