Football Mum Must Haves

Despite being a football mum for over 2 years now, I’ve still not got with the program. I’m still turning up in creams, white trainers and a serious lack of weather appropriate coat. So, I’ve finally resigned myself to needing to kit myself out with a variety of things to make my life easier. It’s here to stay, Toby is football obsessed, he now has his much loved grassroots team AND is with an academy in the Junior Premier League… I think I can assume I’m never going to change his love for the playing in all weathers, nor would I want to when it clearly brings him so much enjoyment… the only issue? It means I’m required to sit outside in the freezing cold to watch him living his best life on the pitch! It can be raining, windy and even snowing and the match will go on, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I just have to suck it up!

With that in mind, here are some of the football (or soccer if you’re across the pond) mum must haves I’ve added to my shopping list to prepare for the seasons ahead.

ASOS DESIGN rubberised padded rain coat £58

A decent coat is a must – mine in waterproof but not padded, which is why I like this one from ASOS! Padded and rain proof, it’s ideal – as well as being under £60. You can get the ‘putty’ colour here (why not just say beige ASOS? Huh?!) or the black version here.

Srf Dry Waterproof changing robe £89

Ok, hear me out. These are designed for surfers, but they got in touch and asked me if I would like to try one because they are *perfect* for any outdoor activity or sport, and they really are! They are so incredibly warm, will fit over anything and they are perfect for handing over to your little one if they have been playing in the rain and need to get changed in the boot of the car! Genuinely one of my must haves! I have a code for 10% off, just use TOBY&ROO.

ASOS DESIGN Gadget chunky chelsea rain boots £20

Another ASOS win – these are weather proof, wipeable and hella stylish. Into the bag they goooo – find the black version here.

Electric Hand Warmer £various

I bought this one for Adam for a Christmas stocking filler a couple of years ago, because as Toby’s coach and the parent who is responsible for all football related stuff, he’s always on the pitch. He’s also likely to need to go and check the pitch in freezing conditions and he has a season pass at Hull to watch football in all ridiculous blizzards etc. He made me laugh because he was like “erm, thanks… but I won’t use it…” and it was SO used last year, but mainly by the kids on the sidelines and ours when we went sledging and snowman building ha! This one you can find here with it’s seemingly never ending charge.

Heated Socks £various

I’ve linked up these ones but the cost for these heated socks varies from £15 to £85, so a solid £44 with the best reviews seems like a win to me. I know they might seem like a pricey idea BUT if you are someone who is doing a lot of outdoor activity, or you’re going to be stood on the pitch sideline for the majority of your wintery weekends, then these could make ALL the difference. Of course with these once you have them, you have them – they aren’t a one use thing, you can use them over and over.

See through Umbrella £21

They aren’t cheap are they? I have always refused umbrellas but honestly, they are 100% a necessity when you are stood on the side of the pitch and the rain is soaking you! I’m a big fan of these kinds of clear umbrellas that I can see through if I hold them down, but that are big enough to cover me and any other child that wants to stand with me.

Water resistant gloves £20

These gloves from Totes are cosy and practical – unless you want to go for the light pink or lilac of course ha! Find them here.

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